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Music on Monday (12/23/2019)—All the machines say, “We’re okay!”

The Music Chronicles of Russel Ray

Excel tells me that I have in my rock & roll music collection 4,260 digital files totaling 1,594 hours, 16 minutes, and 2 seconds. Some of them are individual songs and some are albums.

By listening to my collection for a mere 10 hours each and every day, it only takes me 159 days, 25 minutes, and 36 seconds to listen to everything. Done. Start over. I should disclose that I listen to my collection in chronological order.

File #4,261 will be “Software” by Grace Slick released in 1984.

Grace Slick was the first female rock ‘n’ roll singer whom I liked. I listened to “White Rabbit” and “Someone To Love” by Jefferson Airplane until my wise old grandmother thought that I was in love with a white rabbit. I stayed with Grace through her years with the Jefferson Starship and Starship, only recently discovering that she had four solo albums:

        1. Manhole – 1974 – Peaked at #127 on the Billboard album chart
        2. Dreams – 1980 – Peaked at #32
        3. Welcome to the Wrecking Ball! – 1981 – Peaked at #48
        4. Software – 1984 – Did not chart

I listened to all four albums yesterday. Surprisingly, I didn’t really like Manhole, Dreams, or Welcome to the Wrecking Ball!

Software, though, got my attention. Here’s the track listing:

        1. “Call It Right Call It Wrong”
        2. “Me and Me”
        3. “All the Machines”
        4. “Fox Face”
        5. “Through the Window”
        6. “It Just Won’t Stop”
        7. “Habits”
        8. “Rearrange My Face”
        9. “Bikini Atoll”

“All the Machines” was released as a single, and it is my favorite song on the album.

I was going to include the lyrics, but Musixmatch, the world’s largest collection of song lyrics, has the wrong lyrics. Since they are the world’s largest collection of song lyrics, everyone else has copied them and cited Musixmatch as their source. I think I have something to do later today….

The reviews of “All the Machines are not good. They had comments such as

        1. dated
        2. not your typical Grace Slick
        3. what happened to Grace Slick
        4. synthesizer heavy

I completely agree, but I don’t find any of those to be bad.

Anyway, here it is: