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Out & About—Ocean Beach veterans memorial

Out & About San Diego

When I came to San Diego in April 1993, I had two favorite beaches that I tended to hang out at: Blacks Beach and Ocean Beach. Ocean Beach ranks #1 because Blacks Beach is extraordinarily difficult to get to, being at the bottom of 400′ sandstone cliffs and isolated from parking lots a couple of miles to the north and a couple of miles to the south. It’s a long walk. Especially on sand. Even though parking is pretty bad in Ocean Beach, at least you can drive there and park, and if you have to walk a few blocks, they have concrete sidewalks. Whomever invented concrete, well, I hope s/he’s in Heaven….

I used to make a daily trip to Ocean Beach, but now, 24 years later, it has dropped off to a monthly trip. Not because I don’t like it as much but because it’s now 25 miles away from me.

When I was there last weekend, I got there early. So there was plenty of parking. The beach crowds were not out yet so I was able to walk around and get pictures of things that I normally can’t get pictures of without hundreds of people being in my picture. Imagine my surprise when I found a veterans momument smack dab on the beach at Ocean Beach. Looks like this:

Veterans monument in Ocean Beach

Veterans monument in Ocean Beach

Sadly, with Twitler occupying the White House and trying to destroy everything that has ever made America great, I’m not real sure that there will be any honor and integrity left when he’s finally indicted for treason, collusion, money laundering, perjury, violation of the emoluments clause of the United States Constitution……….. just a few of the things I think he’s guilty of.

The reason why I had never seen the veterans memorial before is because that’s exactly where hundreds of people gather each day and set up their spot at the beach. Just feet away to the left is the sand, the water, the pier, the surfers…. everything you need when you go to the beach.

Surrounding the memorial are memorials stamped in the concrete.

Veterans monument in Ocean Beach

Obviously one is not going to see those when people are setting up beach towels and day camps on them.

Here’s a couple close-ups:

Veterans monument in Ocean Beach

Veterans monument in Ocean Beach

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