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Friday Flower Fiesta (12-8-17)—San Diego Botanic Garden in December

Friday Flower Fiesta

I like to take my photographs and kind of mess them up in Photoshop and various other programs so that they don’t look like photographs anymore. That means I’m always on the lookout for new digital photo editing programs. One I discovered a few days ago is called “Impresso Pro” by a company called JixiPix. They claim to have

a long and lucrative history developing well-known 3D, Video and Multi-Media software, not to mention an industry of iOS and Android apps. Thanks to the response from our users, we have been recognized as one of the top developers from Apple, Mac World, USA Today and other industry leaders.”

Yet they don’t have a page on Wikipedia….

Nonetheless, following are 24 photographs from my December visit to the San Diego Botanic Garden, messed up a little bit in Impresso Pro.

Which one is your favorite?

1 – BromeliadSan Diego Botanic Garden

2 – AgaveSan Diego Botanic Garden

3 – AloeSan Diego Botanic Garden

4San Diego Botanic Garden

5 – PassionflowerSan Diego Botanic Garden

6San Diego Botanic Garden

7San Diego Botanic Garden

8 – Day Lily & visitorSan Diego Botanic Garden

9 – FigSan Diego Botanic Garden

10San Diego Botanic Garden

11 – Bamboo TunnelSan Diego Botanic Garden

12San Diego Botanic Garden

13 – AgavesSan Diego Botanic Garden

14 – BromeliadSan Diego Botanic Garden

15 – Woodpecker treeSan Diego Botanic Garden

16 – AloeSan Diego Botanic Garden

17 – AloeSan Diego Botanic Garden

18San Diego Botanic Garden

19 – CycadSan Diego Botanic Garden

20 – BromeliadSan Diego Botanic Garden

21 – AloeSan Diego Botanic Garden

22 – Shaw’s AgaveSan Diego Botanic Garden

23 – AloeSan Diego Botanic Garden

24 – SunflowersSan Diego Botanic Garden

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Sunflower on campus of San Diego State University

Sunflower for a cloudy day

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

Picture of the moment


Sometimes when I’m camping out in blogs, I learn lots of interesting stuff about the people who own the camp sites. Yesterday I left 315 LIKEs and 89 comments. That’s my record on comments but 316 is my record on LIKEs. I’m on a quest today to go 400/100.

However, if I find too much really good reading, things slow down, and that’s what has happened this morning already.

In fact, while I was camping out in jazfagan’s hippy Bohemian Buddha blog, I mentioned in a comment about sunflowers that they make a great plant to do time lapse photography with. Find a location where you can take pictures from each week and document the weekly progress of the sunflower plant. Once you have all your pictures, create a slide show. The effect is awesome!

Many decades ago I did a time lapse on sunflowers in my own garden, from bare seeds, to planting, to poking their first little leaves out of the soil, to growing up, to blooming, seeding, and dying. It was quite interesting. Unfortunately, I scanned those pictures in the late 1990s, through the printed copies away, and then lost the digital files in the Great Hard Drive Crash of August 2005.

Maybe it’s time to do another…. San Diego State University, just a mile from my home, has been transforming the campus into a beautiful botanical garden, and each summer they have a lot of sunflowers, including red sunflowers — didn’t know they came in any color other than sun yellow. lol. It’s too late this year, but next year, time lapsed sunflowers is on my schedule.

Meanwhile, here’s one of my favorite sunflower pictures from San Diego State University.

Sunflower on campus of San Diego State University


This post approved by Zoey the Cool Cat

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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