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Friday Flower Fiesta

Friday Flower Fiesta

From my gardens yesterday.

Pictures of the Moment—Itty bitty teeny tiny little succulent flowers, mostly

Picture of the Moment

Taken with my Tamron 90mm Macro lens.

A string of itty bitty teeny tiny little succulent flowers
Teeny tiny flowers

Another itty bitty teeny tiny little succulent flower

More itty bitty teeny tiny little succulent flowers


Honeybee on aloe flowers
Aloe flowers and honeybee

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Friday Flower Fiesta (6-23-17)—San Diego flowers in Balboa Park

Friday Flower Fiesta

I spent a couple of hours yesterday morning in Balboa Park taking pictures of flowers. Following are fourteen of them.

It was a cold, wet, cloudy morning so there was dew on many of the flowers and plants. My new lenses (16-300mm and 150-650mm) were able to capture the dewdrops, something my older lenses were not good at doing.

Succulent flowers

Unknown purple flowers

Cactus flowers

Succulent flowers


Yellow rose


Succulent flowers

Cactus flower

Unknown yellow flowers

Cactus flower and thorns

Cactus flowers

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