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….but there I was

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I have spent the last eight days watching the TV series Dexter. There are eight seasons of twelve episodes with each episode lasting about 55 minutes.

I can highly recommend the complete series, with a few caveats.

First, Dexter originally aired on Showtime from 2006 to 2013. In my considered opinion developed from 44 years of Showtime experience, Showtime always has been one at the forefront for nudity, gore, violence, sex, and language.

Dexter had to have been rated NC-17, but if I were giving it a rating, I would rate it



Be forewarned.

Here’s a synopsis from Wikipedia:

Michael C. HallOrphaned at age three, when his mother was brutally murdered with a chainsaw by drug dealers, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) was adopted by Miami police officer Harry Morgan (James Remar). Recognizing the boy’s trauma and the subsequent development of his sociopathic tendencies, Harry has manipulated Dexter to channel his gruesome bloodlust into vigilantism, killing only heinous criminals who slip through the criminal justice system.

To facilitate covering his prolific trail of homicides, Dexter gains employment as a forensic analyst, specializing in blood spatter pattern analysis, for the Miami Metro Police Department.

Dexter is extremely cautious and circumspect; he wears gloves and uses plastic-wrapped “kill rooms,” segments the corpses, and disposes of them in the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf Stream to reduce his chances of detection.

Dexter struggles to juggle his double life. Although his homicidal tendencies are deeply unflinching, and he originally claims detachment (via narration), throughout the series he strives to feel—and in some cases does feel—normal emotions and maintain his appearance as a socially responsible human being.

Although the series takes place in Miami, it was filmed mostly in Long Beach, California, so I was quite familiar with many of the scenes and locations.

Again, I can highly recommend it as an engrossing series. I never thought I would root for vigilante justice, but there I was.

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