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Out & About—San Diego Harbor boat tour with Captain Randy Phillips

Out & About

When you come to San Diego, be sure to put “Harbor Cruise” on your list of things to do. There are quite a few harbor cruise boats full of tourists.

San Diego harbor cruise

Sure, you can take one of those. They are fun. I’m here to suggest even more fun. Take a smaller cruise, like one with Captain Randy and Randy Phillips Tours.

Captain Randy Phillips

Much more personable and enjoyable. Since Captain Randy was just a few feet away during the 2-hour boat tour, it was easy to ask questions…. And darned if he didn’t know all the answers!

That’s Captain Randy’s boat just to his left, so there’s no place to hide from the glorious San Diego Sun. If you’re not a sun bunny like me, take a hat, a long-sleeve shirt, sun screen…. whatever you need to have an enjoyable 2-hour harbor cruise.

Some of the sites you might see:

Seals and sea lions
Sea lion

Sea lion on buoy

Boats bigger than the one you’ll be on….
USS Carl Vinson

….up close and personal
(not available on the big boat tours)USS Midway Museum up close and personal

Sunrises or sunsets.
Captain Randy took my group out at 6:30 a.m.
Sunrise over the San Diego harbor

San Diego skyline at sunrise

If you go early in the morning,
you’ll have still waters with the sunrise.Still waters

Beautiful vistas of the San Diego skyline
(once the sun is up)San Diego skyline

San Diego skyline

The San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge
San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge

I even have a short video of us going under the bridge

Unusual ships that you have probably never seen
and probably will never see again.Hospital ship Mercy

Palmetto State

Naval vessel 23

Captain Randy will take you into Glorietta Bay
so you can see the Hotel del Coronado
and the Coronado Shores condominiumsHotel del Coronado

Coronado Shores condominiums, Coronado CA

Contact Captain Randy at Randy Phillips Tours, 858-531-3186. Tell him Russel Ray sent you his way.

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Mount Palomar

Blogger might have died from exhaustion

If you don’t hear from me anymore, it’s because I died of exhaustion.

Today, 8:30 a.m., I went on a 7-mile round-trip hike at 4,700 feet above sea level on Mount Palomar.

Mount Palomar

I don’t know whether or not I made it back—this post is set to publish at 1:00 p.m., with or without me.

If I did make it back, Sunday is a 5-mile round-trip hike on the Coronado Bay Bridge.

Coronado Bridge

I’m registered Sunday as a walker in the Navy Bay Bridge Run-Walk.

Walkers are encouraged to stop and take pictures, and I assure you, I will.

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San Diego County Administration Building

I get to go to Coronado this morning!

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

Out & About San Diego


I get to go to Coronado this morning, enclave and island of the military and the overly wealthy here in San Diego. However, for the first time in my eighteen years here in San Diego, I’ll be taking the ferry. Usually I drive over the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge:

 San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge


I don’t have a lot of pictures of downtown San Diego from Coronado, so that’s what I’m hoping to get this morning. Three of my favorite buildings downtown:

Downtown San Diego


 I’m going with the Pacific Photography Society, a meetup group. If you’re not familiar with meetup, it’s just a huge collection of groups of people all interested in the same thing. Picture extracurricular activities in school. We have almost 1,900 meetup groups just here in San Diego!

We are meeting on Harbor Drive, right across from the San Diego County Administration Building:

San Diego County Administration Building


The County Administration Building is where I got married on October 30, 2008, while getting married was still legal.

Although Coronado Island once was an island, it is now a peninsula. The shallow marsh that once separated it from the southern mainland was filled in many decades ago and large condominium towers built there. I think someone from Clearwater, Florida, wanted to make the San Diego coastline look like their coastline. Didn’t work. The City got together and voted to limit the height of any buildings on Coronado Island. So the ten Coronado Shores condominium towers, built in the 1970s and each five stories tall (about 145 feet), will not have any company in the near future.

Coronado Shores condominium towers


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Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos