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Sometimes you just need in your life….

….a flower.

Passion flower

….a hummingbird sitting among the flowers.

Hummingbird sitting among the flowers

….flowers cheering you on.

Cheerleading flowers

….an arctic fox.

Arctic fox

….a sunset in the east.

Sunset in the east

….a spider.


Sorry about that last one there…………..

Flower pictures that don’t look quite so picturery

How I Did It

I got so involved cataloging pictures from the last year and photoshopping some of them that the weekend suddenly has disappeared. Where did it go?

Ah, well, since it’s gone, following are a few flowers that I photoshopped using Topaz Glow, an awesome program if you want to create some really interesting pictures that don’t look like pictures anymore. All of these flowers were growing in one yard. They saw me out their living room window taking pictures and came out to talk to me.

Zinnia, Zinnia, Sunflower daisy, Passionflower.



Sunflower daisy


Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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