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Out & About—Windansea Beach in La Jolla CA

Out & About

I had a home inspection in La Jolla this afternoon at 1:30, so I left at 6:00 this morning. Granted, the property in La Jolla is only 30 miles from me but, as my wise old grandmother always said, “You can never be too early!” (Although in my later years I discovered that yes, you can be too early!)

Actually, as many readers probably have already guessed, I can’t go north of Interstate 8 without turning the trip into a photographic adventure. Why should today be any different?

After discovering Del Mar Shores beach last week, my goal this morning was to find more beaches. And I did!

Surfers were out all along the coast. I found the Pacific Beach Surf Club at Tourmaline Beach and the Windansea Surf Club at Windansea Beach. Windansea was a larger beach, and had better breakers and more surfers this morning.

img_3054 surfer windansea la jolla

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

img_3059 surfer windansea la jolla

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

Windansea Beach and the surrounding neighborhood were after the 1909 oceanfront Strand Hotel when it was renamed Windansea Hotel in 1919. The Windansea Hotel, located on Neptune Avenue between Playa del Sur and Playa del Norte, burned down in 1943. Surprisingly, I could find no historical pictures of either the Strand Hotel or the Windansea Hotel.

The beach is defined geographically as extending north of Palomar Avenue and south of Westbourne Street.

windansea beach map

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

The distinguishing landmark at Windansea Beach is a palm-covered shack originally built in 1946 by Woody Ekstrom, Fred Kenyon, and Don Okey. Looks like this:

img_3059 windansea shack la jolla

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

“The Surf Shack at Windansea Beach” was designated a historical landmark by the San Diego Historical Resources Board on May 27, 1998.

Although there is limited parking at the Beach, there is plenty of parking on neighborhood streets. Also, there are no drinking fountains, showers, or public restrooms although the main drag through La Jolla (La Jolla Boulevard) is just one or two blocks away. There you should be able to find drinking water, showers, and public restrooms.

Windansea Beach has a storied past, serving as home beach to many notable surfers, including Joey Cabell, Del Cannon, Pat Curren, Mike Diffenderfer, “Longboard Larry,” Mickey Muñoz, Chris O’Rourke, and Butch Van Artsdalen.

The Windansea Surf Club was founded by Chuck Hasley in 1962 and included members such as The Endless Summer star and first Vice President Mike Hynson.

img_3053 windansea shack la jolla

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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