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Olivia's first visit to the vet on July 3, 2019

How old is the little girl?


Olivia had her first vet visit yesterday. Picture below.

Said vet questioned the date of birth, provided by the El Cajon Animal Shelter, as November 21, 2017.

Said vet thought it more likely that it was November 21, 2018. That would make this little girl just 7 months old instead of 1 year & 7 months old. That certainly would explain her small size (7½ pounds) and her boundless energy.

Said vet approved of feeding her whenever she wanted to eat, as much as she wanted to eat, and we’ll see if she “puts on weight and grows up to be a full grown cat.”

Said vet approved of the food I was feeding her, which is not kitten food. Said vet said at her actual age or perceived age, adult food was fine.

If she is only 7 months old, she’s a very well trained and/or smart little 7-year-old. She has learned that she cannot go on the top of the piano, tables, and countertops. She’s not happy about being banished from the bathroom countertops, though. Oh, well.

Next visit to said vet is scheduled for January 3, 2020.

Olivia's first visit to the vet on July 3, 2019

Olivia on the bed

New member of the family

With the moving on of our beloved Zoey the Cool Cat, a hole was left in our hearts. That hole never will be completely filled, but we partially filled it yesterday when Olivia joined our family.

Olivia under the bed

Olivia was abandoned in a box at the front door of the El Cajon Animal Shelter the night of June 2-3.

El Cajon Animal Shelter

From the looks of her tummy, I believe she just had kittens. I guess the previous owners didn’t understand spaying. They probably sold the kittens and then dumped this little one.

Interestingly, they apparently left a note with Olivia telling her name and how old she was. As of June 11, 2019, she was 1 year 6 months 3 weeks old, so I have pegged her birthday as November 21, 2017.

We got home with her at 11:33 a.m. She proceeded to explore the house for about 20 minutes before finding the one bed that she could crawl under, and there she stayed for about four hours.

Olivia under the bed

I coaxed her out with some wet food, and ever since she’s been running from room to room; exploring all the window sills; grooming; and watching the rabbits (second picture below), ground squirrels, and birds.

Olivia on a window sill

Olivia on a window sill watching a rabbit

She has lots of spring in her back legs, being able to leap a tall building with a single bound, and I do believe she is the fastest cat in the world. It’s about 40 yards from the front door through the living room through the dining room down the hallway and into, her choice, one of the two bedrooms or the office. She does that 40-yard dash in 3.1415926 seconds.

Olivia is a Domestic Short Hair, and judging from her cute little black nose and goatee, and her spikey-looking fur (it’s actually quite soft), I believe she is into goth metal music. That’s not The Beatles….

Olivia's black nose and goatee

She has discovered the catio, is eating/peeing/pooping, and generally just a lot of fun to watch, hold, and love.

Olivia eating

Her black and white seems to go well with the colors of the bedspread quilt.

Olivia on the bed

Jackson Galaxy (“My Cat From Hell”) says that a grooming cat is a happy and healthy cat. Let’s go with that.

Olivia grooming

We have two months to get acquainted. After that, we cannot return her to the animal shelter and get our adoption fee back. I hope she decides to stay.