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Nest-building osprey

Mine will be bigger than yours….

Picture of the moment


A couple of days ago I discovered an area where there are several nesting osprey pairs. I hung around for a couple of hours watching them in fascination…. and taking pictures, of course. If you missed the best of the pictures, it’s at Nest-building osprey. Flying pictures are at Fly softly and carry a big stick.

These are the last of the osprey pictures to show how large the osprey nest is.

The osprey in the center was the bird doing all the nest-building work in my two previous posts:

Nest-building ospreys


Here she is returning with the long stick shown in my previous two posts:

Nest-building osprey


What the beginnings of her nest looked like:

Beginnings of an osprey nest


Another nesting pair’s nest, and what she wants her nest to look like, except bigger:

Osprey nest


Lastly, not too far away, another nesting pair:

Nesting ospreys


I’ll be visiting this osprey area on a regular basis now that I know where it is. Maybe I’ll eventually be able to get some pictures of some young birds.


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