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Out & About—Dana Point, California

Out & About       Halls of History

On Friday I drove 77 miles to Dana Point, California, to take a 3-hour ride on the tall ship Spirit of Dana Point. The occasion was the opening of the 35th Annual Tall Ships & Ocean Festival hosted by Ocean Institute.

Since these events are quite popular in Southern California, I left at 4:00 a.m. to get there earlier than everyone else so that I could get good parking. I parked and walked around the harbor watching the sun rise.

9/6/2019 sunrise in Dana Point harbor, California

In the 1830s and 1840s, the natural harbor was a popular port for ships bringing supplies to the Mission San Juan Capistrano located nearby.  The earliest known visit to the harbor was in 1818. Argentine sailor Hippolyte de Bouchard anchored in the harbor while conducting a raid on the mission.

Dana Point was incorporated as a city on January 1, 1989, and had a population of 33,351 in the 2010 census. The city was named after the headland of Dana Point, which was named after Richard Henry Dana Jr., author of Two Years Before the Mast, published in 1840, who had docked his ship, Pilgrim, in the harbor in 1835.

Dana Point headland

Two Years Before the Mast is an account of the Pilgrim’s 1834-35 voyage between Boston and California. In it, Dana described the area as the only romantic spot on the coast.

Pilgrim was a sailing brig 86½ feet long and weighing 180 tons. It had been built in Boston in 1825 and went down in a fire at sea in 1856. There is a full-size replica at the Ocean Institute in the harbor at Dana Point.

Full size replica of Pilgrim, Ocean Institute, Dana Point, California

Pilgrim used to sail but it is in need of major repairs. Right now the money isn’t available to make those repairs, so it appears to be permanently docked at this time.

The harbor is quite beautiful and a joy to walk around watching people, boats, wildlife, sunrises, and sunsets.

Dana Point, California, harbor

Dana Point Harbor, California

Dana Point Harbor, California

Dana Point Harbor, California

Pelican at Dana Point, California

Person at Dana Point, California

Sunset at Dana Point, California

Coming up next: More about the Ocean Institute.

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Picture of the Moment—San Diego harbor sunset on 11/3/2017

Picture of the Moment

Ever since I worked in the wireless telecommunications industry from April 1994 to March 2000, I have been anti-cellphone. I always wanted a portable phone that made and received phone calls. Never a phone that allowed whole families to ignore each other when they went out to eat; a phone that allowed husband and wife, brother and sister, boy and girl on a date, to ignore each other. I understand children have a phone for emergency purposes, but still…. Maybe I’m just upset that parents aren’t teaching their children how to use smart phones responsibly. Or maybe parents are using smart phones as babysitters…. I don’t know.

Thus, I’ve been a decade behind everyone else with their phones. Until a couple of days ago when I put aside my Samsung Galaxy S “Captivate” and got a Samsung Galaxy S8. I must admit that I hate the thing. Maybe I’ll learn to like it as I discover how it can control my life….

I did use it to take  a picture of last night’s sunset because I had left my DSLR in the car. Purposefully, I might add, because I try not to take it into restaurants unless I’m intending to do a review of the restaurant and its food. The picture is alright. Certainly nothing like I get out of my Canon 760D. However, the picture below is the camera-created JPG. JPG’s throw away a lot of information, which is why, even after photoshopping, this picture leaves a little to be desired.

I did discover that the phone also creates RAW picture files. Unfortunately, it took me about 30 minutes to get the JPG off the phone (I had to email it to myself), and I have not yet gotten the RAW file off the phone. The RAW file is about 25 MB, too large for many email services. If I can get this thing to work the way I want it to, and not the way Samsung’s engineers want it to, I can see me doing more restaurant reviews with pictures of food.

Meanwhile, here’s last night’s sunset from the Fish Market in downtown San Diego overlooking San Diego Bay.

Sunset in San Diego on 11/3/17

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