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“Glee” the TV series—A review

I now am in Season 4 of Glee. What an awesome series. Each episode can stand on its own as far as the main story line goes, but I really do enjoy the subplots and character interaction from episode to episode.

What I find most impressive is how they touch on so many sensitive subjects and do it with emotion and, uh, sensitivity. There’s been racism, bullying, sexism, anti-semitism, pre-marital affairs, extra-marital affairs, abortion, excessive competition, gay/lesbian/transgender individuals, stereotypes, misogyny, and more.

So far, Episode 8 of Season 3, is my favorite. It resolves a subplot for Mike Chang, an Asian high school student, that began with Episode 3 of Season 3, a subplot that touched on the stereotype of the “Asian F” in school.

Mike’s dad wants him to become a doctor. Mike wants to dance.

When Mike gets an A- on a paper, the equivalent of an Asian F, Mike’s dad has a discussion with him that doesn’t exactly go well, ultimately resulting in dad/son estrangement.

It took 5 episodes to resolve the subplot with Mike’s dad sitting in the audience during a performance of West Side Story. The performance earned a standing ovation, and while Mike’s dad was the last to stand, ultimately he did.

That was just one episode that tugged on the heart strings of this openly gay man in a 26-year “non-traditional” marriage.

Marvel Comics, DC Comics & more!

I retired on May 31, 2016, not because I wanted to retire (I didn’t!) but because my main income was from my home inspection business, and my knees and shoulders just didn’t like crawling under houses and up in attics anymore, a necessary part of a home inspection.

I officially retired on December 31, 2016. I kept hoping that I would be able to continue my home inspection business, but the knees and shoulders said no. So when I did not renew my Errors & Omissions insurance for my home inspection company, I knew that I officially was retired.

It took me four months looking for activities to fill these 24-hour days, and I finally chose delivering packages for Amazon and people for Uber. I thought it would be pretty neat to drive all over San Diego County, and it was, but both companies sucked. I started Amazon in October 2016 and Uber in January 2017. I tried to give them a year, but I quit both of them in June 2017.

I didn’t do much after June 2017 other than gardening and watching TV series and movies. When Stan Lee died in November 2018, I decided to watch all of the movies and TV series based on Marvel Comics. Although I liked all of the Marvel stuff, I especially enjoyed Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, Captain Marvel, and Deadpool.

Now that I watched all of Marvel, I have moved on to DC Comics. I already had seen all of the Superman movies and TV series, having gotten addicted to them in the ’60s and ’70s. Same with Batman. I just finished watching The Flash and Arrow. Those two, especially The Flash, rocketed to the top of my favorites list. Grant Gustin, who plays Flash, now is one of my favorite actors. I’m in the process of watching everything in his actor catalog. Stephen Amell, who plays Arrow, also now is one of my favorite actors. Once I finished Gustin’s film catalog, I shall explore Amell’s works.

After finishing Arrow, I watched Krystal, a 2017 movie in which Grant Gustin has a support role. He’s very good, and I thought the movie was very good.

Gustin was in several episodes of Glee, which I had never started watching. Glee has a lot of singing, beautiful covers of songs I’m quite familiar with, and several episodes also featuring Damian McGinty of Celtic Thunder, one of my favorite non-rock/pop music ensembles, so I’m now watching Glee. With 121 episodes of about 48 minutes each, I suspect Glee will keep me occupied for a month or so. I watched the first three episodes of Season 1 this morning. On to S1E4!

As an aside, if you like male eye candy, there is lots in Glee and DC Comics, not as much in Marvel Comics.