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San Diego’s 9 seasons

People say that we don’t have seasons here in San Diego. Ha! We have more seasons than anywhere else in the United States. In my 26½ years here,
I have experienced many seasons:

          1. Spring—January 1 to January 31 (It was 74°F yesterday.)
          2. Summer—February 1 to October 31
          3. Fall—November 1 t0 November 30
          4. Winter—December 1 to December 31
          5. Tourist season – Friday before Memorial Day to Tuesday after Labor Day
          6. Rain season—November 16 to December 15
          7. Mudslide season—November 16 to December 15
          8. Fire season—August 1 to October 31
          9. Margaritas at On The Border in El Cajon, CaliforniaMargarita season—January 1 to December 31

Because the Fall season is short, and we don’t have a lot of deciduous trees, and we don’t have a lot of cold weather which is necessary for deciduous trees to be their most colorful, it’s difficult to get good pictures of colorful trees here in San Diego. That doesn’t mean they are not here. It just means one has to search for them. Recently I found one, a Gingko biloba looking absolutely beautiful in the midst of eucalyptus and oak trees:

Tommy Geta Memorial

Notice the bench to the left of the tree? It was calling to me, and when I got over there, I found additional information about this little site. I’ll have more about it in my next post. Still researching everything about it.