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My 62nd Fourth of July….

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The move is going well, but that means my time at WordPress and visiting blogging buddies is suffering.

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This is my 62nd Fourth of July, although I do not remember the first ten. Of the past 52, this is the first one of which I am not real proud of being from the United States. President Twitler is destroying the United States from within, and most people, and most countries, realize it. So for this Fourth of July, I’ll just say “Happy Holiday” and leave it at that.

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SeaWorld San Diego 2012 fireworks show

Where to enjoy the Fourth of July nationwide

Out & About

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SeaWorld San Diego 2012 fireworks showCardHub, which promotes itself as “The Web’s Best Credit Card Resource,” has released a list of the Top 30 recommended destinations to enjoy the Fourth of July. CardHub compiled its list by using eight metrics — hotel prices, traffic congestion, walk score, number of arts establishments, weather forecast (chance of rain and expected temperature), and number of bars (a critical metric!) — among common vacation destinations to come up with its list. Here is the list:

30 – Kansas City MO (Don’t get lost and end up in Kansas City KS because it didn’t make the list!)

SeaWorld San Diego 2012 fireworks show29 – Baltimore MD

28/27 (tie) – Orlando FL and Tampa FL

26 – Pittsburgh PA

25 – Sacramento CA

24 – San Antonio TX (My favorite destination in Texas because of the River Walk)

23 – Houston TX

22 – Riverside CA

21 – Cincinnati OH

20 – Cleveland OH

19 – Las Vegas NV

18 – Dallas TX

17 – Denver CO

16 – Phoenix AZ

15 – St. Louis MO

14 – Washington DC

13 – Philadelphia PA

12 – Miami FL

11 – Atlanta GA

10 – Seattle WA

9/8 (tie) – Detroit MI and Portland OR (I think you’ll have more fun in Portland, but if you go to Detroit you can also go across the river to Windsor and have loads of fun!)

7 – San Diego CA (I can highly recommend this one. If you fly in, sit on the left side of the airplane. When you get here, you better call me! I’ll be really upset if I find out you came to San Diego and didn’t call, but at least I’ll know where I stand with you…….lol)

6 – Boston MA

5 – Minneapolis MN

4 – New York NY

3 – San Francisco CA

2 – Chicago IL

Fireworks over San Diego County1 – Los Angeles CA (not sure how L.A. got to #1 if they were using traffic congestion as a metric…. just saying ……. but they do have the greatest number of bars, 25,008 of them! I hope the entrepreneur who is opening his bar tomorrow, July 1, writes CardHub to let them know that he is #25,009.)

Remember that fireworks are dangerous, and in many areas, illegal. Here in California, only State-approved fireworks are allowed and even then there are only 295 communities that allow them. Fireworks of any kind are illegal throughout San Diego County, so if you have this intense desire to see fireworks, head on out to a community-sponsored and officially sanctioned fireworks show.

SeaWorld San Diego crowds for the 2012 fireworks show

SeaWorld San Diego crowds for the 2012 fireworks show

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

If your State allows you to buy and use fireworks, please use them responsible. We don’t need any more wildfires like those that often hit California and those currently raging through Colorado.

I will have two more blog posts today, first about where the officially sanctioned fireworks displays will be in San Diego County, and then my personal recommendation on how to capture fireworks on film ooops, I mean with your digital camera.

SeaWorld San Diego 2012 fireworks show

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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