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Photography tips

Did you know?

For those wanting to improve their photography, here are my Top 20 photography tips gleaned from 52 years of experience.

  1. Film is better than digital
  2. Digital is better than film.
  3. Black & white is better than color.
  4. Color is better than black & white.
  5. DSLRs are the best cameras.
  6. Point & Shoot are the best cameras.
  7. Smart phones are the best cameras.
  8. Mirrorless are the best cameras.
  9. Buy one of each camera type just to make sure you have the best camera.
  10. One zoom lens is better than 3, 4 or 5 prime lenses.
  11. One prime lens is better than any zoom lens.
  12. The more expensive a camera is, the better will be the images.
  13. The bigger and more expensive a lens is, the better will be the images.
  14. White lenses are better than black lenses.
  15. Black lenses are better than white lenses.
  16. It’s better to shoot RAW than JPG (and tell everyone you only shoot RAW).
  17. It’s better to shoot JPG than RAW (and don’t tell anyone you do).
  18. All pictures need post-processing (and you must use Photoshop).
  19. If you learn your camera’s controls and use them, you’ll never have to post-process pictures.
  20. Always upgrade to the most recent camera model (unless you’re married; then ask permission).

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I have been a Native since April 28, 1993

Did you know?

From October 2015 to August 2016, I was biding my time by delivering packages for Amazon Prime Now and people for Uber. One of my Uber passengers was an 87-year-old man who had been born and raised in San Diego, and had lived his entire life here. He immediately recognized an accent and we had a great conversation during the 10-minute ride, the tail end of which went something like this:

Uber Passenger: “Where are you from?”

Me: La Mesa

UP: No, originally. I’d guess Texas.

Me: Why Texas?

UP: The accent.

Me: Yes, Texas. But I’ve been here for 23 years. Surely I don’t still have a Texas accent!

UP: You do. Are you a Native?

Me: I don’t understand. I was born in Texas.

UP: But are you a Native?

Me: Okay. What’s a Native?

UP: A Native is someone who no longer GOES home because he IS home.

ME: I like that. I arrived in San Diego on April 27, 1993. By that definition, I have been a Native since April 28, 1993.

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Did you know?

Do you know your rights as a photographer?

Did you know?


Taking pictures out in public can sometimes become a legal or ethical issue.

For example, a few years ago I was down near the border where the United States was building a huge fence to keep out the Mexicans. I found the fence interesting and was taking pictures. The Border Patrol stopped me and made me erase all the pictures on my camera. For all he knew, though, I could have had some other memory cards with additional pictures on them.

As far as I know, taking pictures of goverment buildings and such while on public property is not a crime. However, you have to make a decision at the time whether or not you want to argue with an officer. I chose not to.

While standing on public property in the United States a couple of weeks ago, I took this picture of Mexico with the new border fence in the foreground:

Mexico from the United States


My purpose in taking that picture was not to get a picture of the fence but to get a picture of the buildings in Mexico with that beautiful church being the focus.

Mr. Border Patrol Office probably would have made me delete that picture.

For an interesting quiz about photography law, try this link: U.S. Photography Law. There are way too many typos in the quiz questions and choices. With today’s spell checkers and grammar checkers, I always think that if someone misses typos like those, what else did they miss? For the record, I scored 80%, but it’s obvious that one question (the one about basically interfering with police while taking pictures) is broken because it doesn’t matter which answer you choose, it marks both as wrong. Makes a good case that if you’re going to post tests, quizzes, and links for the public, you ought to test them to make sure they are correct and working.

Have fun taking the quiz but brush up on your rights as a photographer. Here are two good resources:

Happy photographing!


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