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Are you at risk?

Did you know?

I started self-isolation on March 14, before about 45 states thought it might be a good thing to do.

I did it because I love research and history, so I have been following COVID-19 since the early days in China last year.

I knew that with my underlying health issues (age, high blood pressure, etc.), I was in several high-risk categories.

Avi Schiff, the 17-year-old guy in Seattle who has created the Coronavirus Dashboard, has added a SURVIVAL RATE CALCULATOR to the Dashboard.

Using Microsoft Excel and statistics from Johns Hopkins, the Dashboard, and Worldometers, I had calculated my risk of dying from
COVID-19 if I contracted it to be about 75%.

The SURVIVAL RATE CALCULATOR puts me at 81.88%.

COVID-19 Survival Rate

SURVIVAL RATE CALCULATOR is at https://ncov2019.live/calculator

Coronavirus Dashboard: Coronavirus Dashboard

Worldometer: Worldometer

Johns Hopkins: Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

‘Twas the wave of death

I live in my own little world

Our next creating writing assignment is based on this COVID-19 infection graphic:

COVID-19 infection graphic

In that last scenario, it could be very high.

Picture this:

Your mailbox, 2020.

Sneezer is the postal carrier.

Sneezer is not wearing a mask.

House person sees postal vehicle pull up.

House person gets up to go get mail.

While house person is traveling from bedroom to front door, house person cannot see that:

Sneezer sneezes all over your mailbox and mail.

House person gets to mailbox as sneezer is driving off.

House person waves to sneezer.

Sneezer waves back.

Six days later house person feels sick with COVID-19 symptoms.

Olivia the black & white catHouse person is confused because house person has been in self-isolation since March 14 doing nothing but watching dystopian and apocalyptic movies, drinking margaritas, and playing with the cat.

House person calls doctor.

Doctor says, “It’s probably the flu.”

House person tells doctor, “You gave me a flu shot a couple of months ago.”

Doctor says, “Oh, right.”

After thinking for 3.14 seconds, doctor asks, “Can you come in tomorrow?”

House person replies, “Yep. Not doing anything in self-isolation except watching romantic movies, keeping hydrated, and playing with the dog.”

House person sees doctor the next day.

Doctor asks, “We have two COVID-19 tests, the Pi test and the Fibonacci test.

House person asks, “How much do they cost?”

Doctor responsds, “Your co-pay is $3.14 for the Pi test and $1.61 for the Fibonacci test.”

House person asks, which is faster and provides a more accurate result?”

Doctor replies, “They both are very accurate. The Pi test gives results in 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510 minutes.  With the Fibonacci test, we’ll have results in just 1.618 minutes.”

House person says, “The Fibonacci test certainly sounds less complicated. Are you sure it’s accurate?

Doctor says, “Oh, yes. Fibonacci is everywhere.”

House person says, “Okay, let’s do the Fibonacci.”

Doctor administers the Fibonacci COVID-19 test.

Test is positive.

House person tells medical personnel that house person has no idea how house person got infected because house person has been in self-isolation since March 14.

Doctor admits house person to hospital.

Margaritas at On The Border in El Cajon, CaliforniaHouse person is sad and depressed because hospital has no margaritas and no cats.

One week later house person is put on a ventilator to help with breathing.

Two weeks on ventilator and house person dies.

Doctor is sad and depressed.

One year later and still no one has been able to determine how house person contracted COVID-19.

Remember when sneezer waved to house person?

‘Twas the wave of death.


With apologies to dystopian writers everywhere, especially Stephen King.