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Opinion—If I have to use it….


Many decades ago in Tomball, Texas, I helped my uncle build a beautiful brick mailbox to match his brick house. A month later he called to tell me that the homeowners’ association told him that he would have to remove it and put a stick mailbox in its place to match all the other stick mailboxes in his rural subdivision. He was furious. I had no monkey in the circus but his experience did convince me that I would never live in a community that had an HOA.

I have plenty of HOA horror stories from my years in real estate….

Along with homeowners’ associations telling you what you can and cannot do to a property you own, sometimes the city gets involved, too, most of the time concerning zoning ordinances. No one wants to buy a beautiful home only to have a brothel built next door….

One of the different ways that the city can get involved is with historic properties. Here in San Diego County, if you buy a historic property and agree to keep it historic, you get a pretty good tax break. With real estate prices being so astronomical, a tax break on property taxes can be significant.

Recently, over in Coronado, the City of Coronado got upset at the owner of a historic property because she had replaced the old windows with modern dual-pane windows. The house currently looks like this:

Historic home in Coronado CA

Notice the windows. That white bar at the bottom of each window is the old, wooden window apron, usually indicating that the home had wooden windows at one point.

Aluminum window on an old historic home in Coronado CA

Now they are aluminum windows. The city is upset because the aluminum windows just don’t match the architecture of the home. Perhaps if she had installed white aluminum windows….

Actually, one can get aluminum windows that look like wood, but they are custom windows, so they are quite a bit more expensive than standard aluminum windows. The City has given her options but she’s still not happy because all of the options require her to remove these windows, which already have been installed and paid for….

Although the property tax breaks can be significant, I’m pretty much a modern guy when it comes to using things, so you’ll never find me buying something historic. If I have to use it rather than just admiring it, I own the latest and the greatest….

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It speaks to me

Out & About

I made it through these past two days of hiking here and there and everywhere.

This morning I did the Navy’s 31st Bay Bridge Walk/Run.

I don’t know how many steps I took….

but I’m pretty sure it had to be close to 15,337.

And in just 1 hour and 59 minutes.

4 miles.

I took 31 minutes to go from starting line to bridge.

The winner of the race finished in just over 20 minutes.

I’m thinking he didn’t get any pictures.

I got 191!

I win!

Navy 31st Bay Bridge Walk/Run

I got so many pictures from these past two days that I have enough pictures to use in my blogs for, well, probably the rest of my life.

A lot of them will make great Photographic Art, too, such as this one:

San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge

That’s a good picture, but it doesn’t have any emotion.

It’s just a picture.

So I made it into Photographic Art:

San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge

Rarely do I like black & white pictures, but sketches are a different story. I can see the college student in his drawing class sitting out at Tidelands Park in Coronado and sketching that bridge. Suddenly the picture speaks to me.

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View of downtown San Diego from downtown Coronado

The view from my new favorite restaurant

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

Picture of the moment


Since two of my favorite restaurants closed recently, I went out late this afternoon searching for a restaurant that I had not been to before. I had a budget of $100 for two. We ended up spending $128 for two. However, the view was worth half of that!

View of downtown San Diego from downtown Coronado


The food was excellent. Unfortunately, the prices will prevent me from going here more than once a month, maybe not that often. I’ll have more about my new favorite restaurant in a post on Monday, May 7.


Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

Not all car washes are created equal….

Picture of the momentAcross the bay from downtown San Diego is Naval Air Station North Island in Coronado where there is lots of activity by planes, ships, and helicopters. Since they get dirty, sometimes they have to be washed. This helicopter, for example:

Navy helicopter coming in for a landing at North Island Naval Station in San Diego, California

…is not coming in for just any landing. It’s next in line at the helicopter wash, as soon as this one is finished:

Helicopter wash at North Island Naval Station in San Diego, California

All clean! Move ’em out!

Helicopter wash at North Island Naval Station in San Diego, California

Pictures taken by Russel Ray using a Canon 550D.
Post-processing done in Corel PaintShop Pro X4.

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