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If you need ANYTHING at all….

I live in my own little world

I took a journey the past weekend and discovered my new BFF #1 arboretum, college campus, boardwalk, beach, sea lion colony, and pier, making the location my new BFF #1 city.

I checked into this little (and I mean little—what you see is what there was!) Comfort Inn at 2:41 a.m. on 1/7.

Comfort Inn

Here’s the conversation between the night clerk and me:

Comfort Inn Night Clerk (CINC): “Do you smoke?”
Me: “No.” (Having already read the disclosures about a $250 extra charge if you smoke in the room, but I don’t smoke anyway, so all I could do was feel sorry for smokers.)
CINC: “Do you smoke ANYTHING?”
Me: “No.”
CINC (incredulously): “Nothing at all?”
Me: “No.”
CINC (leaning across the counter to whisper): “Well, if you need ANYTHING at all, just let me know.”
Me: “Thank you.”

I have my own thoughts, but let’s hear some interpretations of this conversation without anyone knowing where I was.

As an aside, I took 673 pictures and videos, so stay tuned over these next weeks!

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