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An uncle’s brotherly love



With all this stuff I’m finding out about my family (note that I have been estranged from both sides of the family for 25 years), I just saw a picture on Facebook of my older brother. He’s 66. He looks exactly like my uncle, the one I suspect of being my biological father. Nothing like our supposed dad.

Both he and I were born while my supposed dad was in the Air Force for four years, and during those four years, my mom lived with my paternal grandparents. During that time, my uncle was still in high school and living at home.

Previous to my genealogical research a few years ago, I had always been led to believe that supposed dad was born in 1930 and mom in 1931. That’s not true. Mom was born in 1935. That makes her closer in age to my uncle than my supposed dad, so….

I’m now thinking that my uncle helped console my mom for all four years while supposed dad was in the Air Force, and at least two children resulted from my uncle’s brotherly love….