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Music on Mondays (9-4-17)—Banana pancakes for Labor Day!

The Music Chronicles of Russel Ray     My wise old grandmother

Several years ago I was on hold on the phone, probably to a customer service representative based in India, and instead of elevator music they were playing some song about banana pancakes. I didn’t know who the artist was, but one thing I have learned about pop music is that the title of the song often is sung many times in the song, and with the Internet, it’s possible to Google lyric lines and find both the song and the artist. The song was, indeed, titled “Banana Pancakes,” by Jack Johnson. I had never heard of him but I now have a complete collection of Jack Johnson’s music. Here’s “Banana Pancakes”:

My wise old grandmother used to make pancakes every Sunday morning. I used to cut up bananas, sometimes strawberries, and spread them on the pancakes. That was 55 years ago. Throughout these ensuing decades, I have also made pancakes on Sunday mornings. Holiday mornings, too, quite often.

The problem I have always had is that I couldn’t make consistently good, and beautiful, pancakes. I think I can now state definitively that my problem is that I always had crappy frying pans or griddles, and I was using electric stoves.

For our new home, we bought a Samsung gas range with a griddle. Looks like this:

Samsung gas range

My first attempt at cooking pancakes on that thing was a huge success. Wondering if it was just luck, I tried again this morning. Success again! The most beautiful and consistent pancakes ever!

Banana pancakes

The griddle is quite heavy. My wise old grandmother’s griddle was cast iron, and I always was the one who had the privilege of washing and drying that thing. I hated it. I don’t know whether or not this griddle is cast iron because it definitely is non-stick. I don’t remember my wise old grandmother’s being non-stick; she always melted real butter in the griddle to keep the pancakes from sticking. Nonetheless, I’m pretty happy.

I always celebrate success and happiness with a margarita….

Got margarita?

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