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Out & About—Surfers and crabs

Out & About

Time flies by when you’re having fun….

I spent yesterday at the Surfing America’s 2017 USA Surfing Championships. Surfing is one of those sports where I change my Canon 760D’s settings to AI Servo tracking using all 19 focus points and burst mode. You might be tempted to just take videos and then capture a still photo from the video. Don’t. The still photo won’t be anywhere near as good as if you simply shot a still photo to begin with. Even with my drone’s 4K video, which is considered “movie quality,” a still capture is pretty poor. Just remember that videos are videos and still photos are still photos, and never the two shall meet….

I’m only 10% of the way through cataloging all the pictures from yesterday but here’s my favorite surfing picture so far.

Surfer at Surfing America's 2017 USA Surfing Championship, Oceanside CA

I admit that I spent as much time watching and photographing wildlife as I did surfers. Following is one of my favorite wildlife pictures from the day. I told this big fella that I would make him an Internet star; he just sat there oblivious, seeming to smile at me, so……………….. (Check out his little goatee, too!)

Crab at Surfing America's 2017 USA Surfing Championship, Oceanside CA

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