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IMG_7761 Coco

Picture of the Moment—Meet Coco

Picture of the Moment

I’m the incoming newsletter editor for the San Diego Cactus & Succulent Society (SDCSS) .

With over 700 members, it’s the largest chapter of the Cactus & Succulent Society of America.

So I was obligated (not that anyone had to twist my arm) to attend the SDCSS Winter Show & Sale.

I heard that it’s the second largest cactus & succulent show & sale in the United States, right behind the SDCSS Summer Show & Sale.

It looks like I’m going to have a great time meeting lots of people, seeing lots of cool plants, taking lots of pictures, and, of course, compiling the newsletter each month.

Here’s my favorite picture from this past weekend:

IMG_7761 Coco

That’s Coco. She’s just a year old and belongs to one of our SDCSS members. One of her parents was a floppy-eared dog and the other parent was a perky-eared dog. Hence, the floppy ear and the perky ear on little Coco, which I thought was sooooooooooooooo cute.

Fortunately, my assistant, a cutie herself, is not jealous so she did approve this post.

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Picture of the Moment—I want one!

Picture of the Moment

I want a bubble maker like the one this guy has:

Bubbles at the beach

Seen at Ocean Beach in San Diego on Saturday, February 3.

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Picture of the Moment—Public art

Picture of the Moment

When the tides are extraordinarily low, as they were today, it’s fun to go look at what I call “low tide art,” carvings in the sand banks that’s only visible during these very low tides.

Here’s one of the best I found today in Ocean Beach:


Would that qualify as public art?

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Picture of the Moment—Super blue blood moon

Picture of the Moment

 I think I might have gotten a one-of-a-kind picture of the Super Blue Blood Moon just minutes for the eclipse, and minutes before sunrise here in San Diego started interfering too severely with the moon.

You be the judge.

Super Blue Blood Moon

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Picture of the Moment—I’m imagining….

Picture of the Moment

I was hiking out in the woods in the boondocks recently when I came upon this:

The sign above the door says, “The Imagination Book Club.”

This was out in the woods in the boondocks. I’m not sure how many people actually make it out there, but apparently some do. Curtains on the windows, blinds on the door window, and even that table lamp just inside the door.

I never found a way to get over to it from where I was. This is a great example of where you can go—so to speak—if you have a 600mm lens on your camera!

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