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The end of my WordPress problems on March 29 have provided me with the daily pleasure/privilege of going blog camping again.

Morning glory, my wise old grandmother's favorite flowerMany of you who have not heard or seen me in several months have been seeing me camping out in your blogs again, even though they have been mini-campouts, defined as any combination of LIKEs and comments adding up to three.

Those of you who have been visiting here regularly, even daily, have been getting National Park-like campouts, defined as any combination of LIKES and comments adding up to four or more. My Excel spreadsheet tells me the winners for last week, defined as the recipients of the most LIKEs and comments from yours truly, Russel Ray Photos:

  1. Unknown flowerjeteliot, 26 total

What’s my purpose in providing that list? Notice that those blogs are linked? I get excellent Google juice here on my blog, so when Google, Yahoo, and Bing come by here a couple of minutes after I publish this post, their spiders will see my links to those blogs and will see the love, giving a little extra weight to them!

Unknown flower in La Mesa, California, on January 23, 2012When my WordPress problems ended, I was about four months behind in visiting the blogs of those I follow. I’m pleased to say that as of last night, I was exactly 30 days behind. If you’ve seen me in your blog this past week leaving likes and comments, that’s an excellent indication that I follow your blog and have you in my Excel spreadsheet!

Flower and rain dropsWhat all of that really means is that I have more time to do things in my blog rather than waiting on WordPress to load LIKE buttons, or load the comment box, or post the comment so I can move on. Click on my menu items and look at the submenu items. Those are the various series that I enjoy doing, and now I can get back to doing them. I re-started yesterday with my San Diego Historical Landmarks post. It had been ten months between posts in that series; I promise the next post will be in days rather than months.

Another series that I really like is my History Through Philately series. I’ll have a post in that series up later today.

Yellow Flower 4Lastly, I liked doing this Blog Love post and think I will make it a regular Sunday series. I’m even putting a Blog Love submenu item under SNIPPETS to make all of these Blog Love posts easy to find.

The cool thing here is that the top love recipients for next week will be completely different than this weeks. Once you make it into a Blog Love post, you’re ineligible until everyone has had a chance. With 3,787 followers, it will take me about 30 days to get to everyone, so those getting blog love today will have to wait about 30 days for their next chance. However, you can leave lots of blog love here because my Excel spreadsheet loves blog love!

Sunflower and clouds

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For my wise old grandmother — I’m enjoying the journey

Today is my birthday. Number 57.

When my mother put me in an adoption home when I was ten, my wise old grandmother found out and rescued me, adopted me, and gave me the love and discipline that had been missing from my life. Without that love and discipline, I believe that long ago I would have died at the hands of a Utah law enforcement agent or be spending life in prison in Utah.

My wise old grandmother always said, “Life is a journey, not an end. Enjoy the journey.” To which I would always add, “Take lots of pictures to share.”

When my wise old grandmother died in June 2003, her two oldest living sons (my dad was the oldest son but had been dead for 42 years) disinvited me to the funeral. Stupid me didn’t know that you had to have invitations to funerals. In September 2004, in honor of her two oldest living sons, I legally dropped my last name and took my middle name as my last name. I figured that if they didn’t need me, I didn’t need them.

In honor of my wise old grandmother, I’m taking off today. I’m going to go enjoy the journey. I’ll be back with lots of pictures to share.

Today’s post is dedicated to my wise old grandmother:

Mary Agnes Kirk (1911-2003).My wise old grandmother

Morning glories