What does your cat think?


As I was taking pictures yesterday of Little Queen Olivia in her cute sleeping positions, I wondered if Little Queen Olivia wanders into the bedroom when I’m asleep and thinks to herself, “Oh, look at him. How cute.”

What does your cat think?

Little Queen Olivia

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12 thoughts on “What does your cat think?

  1. Maryanne

    One of my cats thinks I’m his mistress. He always chooses to snuggle with me while I’m on the floor doing yoga for some reason. He’ll cuddle and purr really loud. Then my husband comes in the room and the cat runs away. So now it’s a joke, when he cuddles like that I say, “Don’t let Daddy see you!” My husband walks in, the cat runs and we laugh! 🙂 And whenever we have company, this cat always shows off in front of the ladies!

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  2. TamrahJo

    “My ‘cats’ (which really aren’t ‘mine’ per se – they are feral, I don’t feed them and they don’t deign to do much but watch me for a long time when they are out and about pm the place, I’m sure, think this of me… “Seriously? She’s weed whipping down the cover we use for hunting cover? What is HER problem?!? We might have to move – she is bent on wrecking the neighborhood’ – 😀

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