Who does yoga better?

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For the first time since I self-isolated on March 14 due to a lot of
pre-existing conditions and a lot of unknowns about Covid-19,
I got my big camera (and a couple of masks), jumped in the car,
and went to La Jolla, California, to take pictures.

My goal was the young sea lions from 2020’s pupping season. Many pups were frolicking in the water, but most of them were on the rocks soaking up the late afternoon sun.

This momma seemed to be teaching yoga to the young pup at her side:

Sea Lion at La Jolla, California

The young pup seemed to be learning well…. a good student….

But I ask you, who does yoga better, Ms. C. Lyon (above) or Little Queen Olivia (below)? You can even vote for the student if you’d like!

Little Queen Olivia

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

10 thoughts on “Who does yoga better?

  1. acflory

    Gorgeous photos, Russel, and I was torn between the two, but just this once I think Miss C. Lion won the contest. 😀

    I’m worried that you went out though, even with protection. Over here the news is that California is now the ‘worst’ in the US re Covid. Please take care.

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    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      Where I live and shop, though, is far far worse than where I went yesterday. Previously, testing was confined to the big cities because that’s where the people were. Now that more testing is available, rural people are getting tested. They are the Twitler supporters, though, so they have been running around without masks and only now are deciding that masks might be worthwhile. Sadly, half of them still don’t wear their masks correctly.

      Usually, during the last week of summer, La Jolla is overcrowded with no parking. I usually stay away at that time, but recent reports about sea lion pupping indicated that La Jolla is empty. It was. I could park anywhere, and it was very easy to stay away from the few people who were there.

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      1. acflory

        Ugh. We get everything home delivered. Have only been ‘out’ maybe 4 or 5 times since March, but we’re the exception.

        Here in Melbourne, most people only got the message [mostly] when the 8 pm curfew and UBER severe lockdown went into effect. Now pretty much everyone except for the odd moron wears a mask. Thanks to our Premier [like your Governor] our state has gone from close to 500 new cases a day to about 100. But lockdowns won’t be eased until we have this bloody virus down to zero.

        I know our numbers are peanuts compared to 1000 /deaths/ per day in the US, but it’s bad by our standards.

        I really hope your state gets the virus under control before the flu season hits.
        Stay well.

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