Tecoma stans ‘Yellow Bells’

I think I have a new favorite tree. This is Tecoma stans ‘Yellow Bells.’

Tecoma stans 'Yellow Bells'

Giant Forest in Sequoia National ParkTechnically, since it doesn’t get taller than 25 or 30 feet, Tecoma stans is a bush. To me, though, 25 feet definitely is a tree, albeit a small tree. Certainly it will never be mistaken for a redwood or sequoia.

I don’t want tall trees on my property since we get 60-70 mph Santa Ana winds out here, and I don’t have the land to plant something a mile away so it doesn’t get toppled onto the house.

Previously, the jacaranda and mimosa were at the top of my list. I have both on my property, and I’m keeping them pruned and shaped into small trees or bushes.

I got Yellow Bells as a little one-gallon plant in June 2018. As you can see from the picture, it likes it out here in the dry desert heat. It seems to be evergreen and ever-blooming.

I chopped it back to three feet in May 2019 and May 2020. The picture is from August 15, 2020. In other words, it grows extraordinarily fast and blooms year-round with no watering beyond what comes down from the sky, and no fertilizer. It seems to be a great dry-garden complement to my cacti & succulents.

The branches/wood seem to be very brittle, so I will keep chopping it back each year to keep it small and bush-like, especially since we do have those Santa Ana winds of 60-70 mph out here in the East San Diego County boondocks.

Tecoma stans 'Yellow Bells'

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