A beautiful 49er!

Halls of History

I love seeing historic cars still being driven.

I saw this one in a grocery store parking lot on July 14, 2020, in El Cajon, California.

1949 chopped custom Mercury coupe

1949 chopped custom Mercury coupe

The license plate leads me to believe that it is a 1949 chopped custom Mercury coupe.

If I had gotten a picture of the front, I’d probably be 100% sure.

For reference purposes only, I was born in 1955.

I’m not thrilled with how the white car parked since I can’t imagine the owner of this car parking there if that white car was there first and parked like that.

Maybe the owner of the white car knows the owner of the ’49 and is messing with him. That’s what I’m hoping.

Although that 49er is beautiful, I’m thinking that it might not have bucket seats, a stereo system with USB flash drive input, an equalizer for the stereo system, cruise control, or air conditioning. And where does one find leaded gasoline in today’s world? Can one use unleaded gasoline in these historic cars? Has the engine been “upgraded” to accept unleaded gasoline? Maybe even replaced?

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

3 thoughts on “A beautiful 49er!

  1. photobyjohnbo

    Many cars these days are “resto-mods”, restored oldies, modified to contain at least some newer technologies. Sometimes they go too far and the only thing restored but not modified is the basic shape of the vehicle. 🙂

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