Friday Flower Fiesta

Friday Flower Fiesta

From my gardens yesterday.

16 thoughts on “Friday Flower Fiesta

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      So much of Mother & Father Nature is other-worldly. I saw a video yesterday of a preying mantis eating the face and brains of a murder hornet. Both creatures are other-worldly, but to see the mantis take down the murder hornet was quite interesting to me. Another cool video which I have experience first-hand in Texas is a Texas blue indigo snake taking down and devouring a rattlesnake.

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      1. guidelinesweb

        So true. The picture this comment concerning your observations of the insects and snakes creates for me is the concept of other cultures wherein life partakes of life and expands itself in ever increasing frequencies. For example the Native American traditions of thanking an animal for the sacrifice of itself to feed the people and therefore become a part of their physical and spiritual being. I suppose that is other-worldly, too, in the realm of a more energetic or spiritual nature as compared to the physical in nature.

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