Are you at risk?

Did you know?

I started self-isolation on March 14, before about 45 states thought it might be a good thing to do.

I did it because I love research and history, so I have been following COVID-19 since the early days in China last year.

I knew that with my underlying health issues (age, high blood pressure, etc.), I was in several high-risk categories.

Avi Schiff, the 17-year-old guy in Seattle who has created the Coronavirus Dashboard, has added a SURVIVAL RATE CALCULATOR to the Dashboard.

Using Microsoft Excel and statistics from Johns Hopkins, the Dashboard, and Worldometers, I had calculated my risk of dying from
COVID-19 if I contracted it to be about 75%.

The SURVIVAL RATE CALCULATOR puts me at 81.88%.

COVID-19 Survival Rate


Coronavirus Dashboard: Coronavirus Dashboard

Worldometer: Worldometer

Johns Hopkins: Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

8 thoughts on “Are you at risk?

  1. Sharon E. Cathcart

    That calculator is fascinating. It didn’t ask about being immune-compromised, which I am. However, it said that I have a 15.2% chance of dying if I develop COVID-19 and thus should take extra precautions. I’ve been sheltered-in-place since March 16 and am not due to come out until May 31 in our area (pending further guidance). It’s tedious, of course, but better safe than sorry — and my company is making sure no one is laid off. So, that’s a blessing.

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  2. JT Twissel

    We live in the SF Bay Area and got the word around the beginning of March that if you are high risk, which was then over 60, you should limit your outings. So we did. Now there are a lot more factors (other than age) to take into account. Thanks for the links! Stay safe!

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  3. philosophermouseofthehedge

    Everyone needs to think about their risks and act accordingly.
    No one will take care of you as well as you will yourself.
    Like you we started early. Just makes sense looking at the info coming out of China (we have business associates 50 miles from Wuhan) and from a doc we know in Italy (gads, the horrors he emailed) and besides, we collect supplies for the yearly hurricane season anyway, so this was just normal at this time of year.
    Stay smart. Stay cool. Take care

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  4. acflory

    Yup. We started preparing from early Feb. coz both I and the Offspring have medical conditions that put us at high risk. I fear that risk will become astronomically higher as the US and everywhere else starts reopening. I’ve read that the second wave of the Spanish Flu caused far more deaths than the first. I fear we’re about to find out how the second wave of pandemics come about. :/

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