Mental health

I grew up in the generation where mental health was not talked about, and if it was, usually it was mocked. Young people were “crazy” and old people were “senile.” The health profession has made significant advances in the ensuing fifty years, so when I retired and started having to deal more regularly with depression, I also was able to find out more about it.

One of the symptoms of depression is anger. Throughout my life, very little has made me angry enough to harm people (myself) or be destructive. Such feelings had become way too commonplace over the last three years. I could dismiss the feelings if I kept myself busy, but as a polyphasic sleeper, it’s been hard to keep myself busy for 12-18 hours a day.

The anger started causing me concern, though, so I finally took the necessary step, visiting my doctor and asking to be put on an anti-depressant. After listening to me for thirty minutes, he put me on Fluoxetine, 10 mg, daily dosage. He said it might take up to two weeks to see results. Yesterday was the end of day three on Fluoxetine, but I can tell you that it only took two days to feel results.

If you’re having suicidal thoughts or severe anger issues, I highly recommend discussing your issues with your doctor. If you’re somewhat embarrassed about being on anti-depressants, well, you don’t have to tell anyone.

Our health is important, though, especially as the current president and his crime family, as well as his enablers and supporters in our legislatures, attempt to take away our health insurance.

15 thoughts on “Mental health

  1. cat9984

    Thank you for bringing this up! I’m bipolar, and it is so hard to get people to understand that mental illness is not something to be ashamed of. Particularly with their doctor. These disorders are chemical imbalances in the brain and can be helped by the correct chemicals. I’m really happy that you’re feeling better.

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  2. philosophermouseofthehedge

    Well said.
    (Let’s not leave out all these darn politicians will drive ANYONE nuts… all the candidates, elected officials, talk about how the current health care plan/insurance companies/pharmaceutical companies aren’t effective and not working for the patients’ benefits – and killing running doctors out of the profession – but there’s only vague promises with them too.
    We need to go back to square one – let there doctor and patient work together without interference or “help” from insurance companies (who are having clerks tell doctors what meds/procedures can be done), unqualified, untrained medical “team members” being shoved on patients because they are cost effective, and drug stores colluding with pharm companies to keep drug prices ridiculously high even for very very old drugs.
    We can do better.
    Cheers for you taking the initiative to control your own destiny and finding help

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  3. guidelinesweb

    I’m so glad to hear you have found relief, Russell! It is so good of you to share this information in effort to assist others facing similar feelings of depression. Holding you in my HEART, wishing you well, Dear. 💞

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  4. charlypriest

    I did, specially for anger issues and then being depressed, I guess it goes hand in hand. For me it didn’t work the medicines the doc gave me. Unfortunately what calms me is alcohol, quite strange since for normal people alcohol makes them superhuman, not for me it calms me. Now I cut the alcohol and my anger issues have mostly gone unless I am confronted by another man in an aggressive posture I just can´t not back down when I should, it´s a smarter move then I wouldn’t have had to pay so much money to people for breaking them a nose or a jaw or worst actually. So I figured that I had to do it by myself, the doctor definitely gave me good directions but the meds just didn’t work. Plus I cut out the alcohol. I found that if I have a purpose in life, like in the army, then my whole world revolves around that purpose and keeps me focus without time to getting depressed and maybe angry but under control , quite a work on myself to tell you the truth. But for now we are going in the good direction. And by saying this I think I´m just suggesting that the meds are not magical you as a person have to put the work on it too. But medication is certainly very helpful so I´m definitely not trying to discourage anybody, just talking about me, strange me that they didn’t work for me not after the 2-3 weeks he told me I would feel better. But take the meds! Try them, maybe one is not the right one so they have to change, so for you and the doc is a work in progress with the medications but sure works for most people.

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    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to contribute here. Very much appreciated.

      In my case, I have been a polyphasic sleeper all my life, so I can easily work 12-18 hours a day. I have become accustomed to that. When I retired, though, I didn’t have anything to fill up those hours, and with nothing worthwhile to do (I don’t consider sitting around all day watching movies and TV programs to be a worthwhile endeavor for more than a day or two), I found myself depressed way too often, often thinking about suicide since I had nothing to contribute to society. Fluoxetine is helping tremendously.



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