It only took 20 years

Ever since came along in the late ’90s, I have wanted to use them. I wanted to create my own flower and pet stamps. Each year when I checked them, I found their monthly charge and their charge for stamp labels to be too expensive.

Still is.

Currently, they are $17.99 a month with $5 free postage initially.

I created an account today, though. Only took me 20 years!

I can create custom stamps but those approved by the USPS are too expensive because they have to be printed on USPS-approved labels. I can print directly on an envelope but where I want to print them—just to the left of the meter indicia—is not approved.

So I resorted to doing things the old-fashioned way by putting an image in the lower left corner.

I print the envelopes using Word/Excel mail merge and then print the metered postage on them.

Interestingly, metered postage gets a discount. The 2020 rate for first class postage is 55¢. Metered first class postage is 50¢. If one has a lot of mail each month, it’s easy to make the figures pencil out.

I will be sending Nature’s Geometry: Succulents flyers to horticulture clubs, gardening clubs, cactus & succulent clubs, retirement homes, and libraries in an effort to speak to their members, residents, and patrons.

I am sending flyers to everyone in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah. It probably will take me a couple of months since I already have several thousand in my database.

Here is my first envelope.

Envelope using

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