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My retirement years have allowed me to add television and music to my day, complementing my addiction to music, photography, and gardening.

Jim and I unsubscribed to cable in September 2013 when the cost got to $100 a month and there was nothing on that we cared to watch. We did without until September 2017, a couple of months after moving to the East San Diego County boondocks. We are so far out in the boondocks that there is no cable out here. In order to get to the Internet, I had to buy an AT&T GoPro mobile hotspot. I bought two, one as a backup just in case, because you know that things go wrong when you need them the most.

Still, though, a mobile hotspot doesn’t necessarily get you “cable” access. In my extensive searching to find what I needed, I discovered Hulu, Netflix, YouTubeTV, Starz, and LiveTV.

LiveTV had my initial interest because it provided access to local TV, sports, news, and weather. However, in order to provide local programming, it has to know where you are. Consequently, mobile hotspots are verboten simply because they are mobile. LiveTV doesn’t want me to travel to Los Angeles and get access to my local programming back home.

Facebook, though, knowing (somehow!) that I had checked into LiveTV recommended YouTubeTV. That intrigued me since I have had a YouTube channel for about a decade. Turns out that YouTubeTV provides local programming, local news/weather/sports. It even provides streaming live events, such as college and professional sports. Interested in your college’s sports? If your college is streaming them, you probably can find them on YouTubeTV.

I wasn’t quite enamored of Hulu and Netflix because everything that I wanted to watch wasn’t available on those two services. When I mentioned on Facebook my dissatisfaction with Hulu and Netflix, one person mentioned that many movies not on Hulu or Netflix are available for rent or purchase on YouTube. Yes! YouTube. Not YouTubeTV. Just plain old YouTube. I started renting movies and TV programs on YouTube.

Whenever I watch Hulu, Netflix, or YouTube TV, those services often recommend other watching based on what I have already watched. I noticed that many TV programs and movies recently released by their copyright owners were available free, for about a week, on YouTubeTV, at which point they were moved over to plain old YouTube where one could rent or buy them.

GeostormRecently, YouTubeTV recommended a 2017 movie, Geostorm. It looked like my type of movie. It was. Watched it twice! I rarely watching anything more than once.

The only actors in Geostorm with whom I was familiar are Andy Garcia and Ed Harris. That might tell you how many decades behind I am in watching TV and movies because the film had a large budget of $120 million, and every actor listed in Wikipedia has a link to his own Wikipedia page.

The plot centers around catastrophic natural disasters, a network of climate-controlling satellites, and the International Space Station. The climate-controlling satellites and the International Space Station have been sabotaged via a computer virus, which is causing multiple extreme weather disasters on Earth.

The extreme weather events race toward a climax, called a geostorm, and that’s when all hell breaks loose.

Turns out that a certain person (not noted here in order not to be a spoiler) is attempting to wipe out the Democratic National Convention so that everyone in front of him in the line of succession to the presidency is dead. Who could argue with a natural disaster hitting a convention and everyone being killed? Seems so, uh, natural.

I thought the acting was superb, which I guess is to be expected considering the budget and all the links to those actors’ personal Wikipedia pages. Special effects also were superb, and that’s where I initially thought that all the budget money was spent.

Geostorm is considered a box office success because it grossed $221.6 million on that $120 million budget. Total running time is 106 minutes.

I did not find a good review of Geostorm for my post here. Seems all the critics hated it—cheesy, bad dialogue, stereotypical disaster movie, etc. None of those bother me because I just love disaster movies. It’s the disaster that captures my attention. If you’re like me and can “tolerate” science fiction, futuristic movies, dystopian movies, fantasy movies, etc., I think you can easily enjoy Geostorm, especially since it has a “climate change” theme underlying it. Relevant to today’s world. I highly recommend it.

Geostorm came out in 2017 and is set in 2019, so you better watch it quickly before it becomes history instead of the future!


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