2020 cactus & succulent calendar will be available soon!

This will be the cover picture for my 2020 cactus & succulent calendar:

Cover picture for 2020 cactus & succulent calendar

My calendars are Monday through Sunday rather than Sunday through Saturday.

Calendar page

Who came up with Sunday through Saturday, anyway?

I mean, God rested on the seventh day. Isn’t the seventh day a Sunday?

Isn’t that why people go to church on Sunday? Why people used to not work on Sundays? Why you couldn’t even buy toilet paper on Sundays in many states (Blue laws) for many decades.

I will be adding the typical events to the calendar, e.g., Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Tax Day, Memorial Day, etc.

I will be creating more calendars, too. I’ll probably at least have roses, orchids, animals, San Diego,  trains, and, of course, Nature’s Geometry.

This calendar will be available for purchase in a couple of weeks once I figure out the price. I’m leaning towards $15 with shipping free to the United States and, possibly, Canada.

Double R Creations & Photographic Art by Russel Ray Photos

6 thoughts on “2020 cactus & succulent calendar will be available soon!

  1. Ronit Penso Tasty Eats

    I happen to speak Hebrew, so if you’re wondering about the biblical day of rest, I can tell you that Saturday, i.e. Sabbath, is actually the 7th day of the week and the original day of rest.
    I’m guessing Christianity wanted to differentiate itself from Judaism by using a different day of rest. Same goes for Islam, that chose Friday as their day of rest.

    What would be the size of the calendar?

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  2. SueW

    Saturday is the Sabbath if you are Jewish, it’s the day God rested when creating the world. The first book of the Christian Bible is the Old Testament, the Jewish Bible. Christians may have changed the Sabbath somewhere along the line but Saturday is still the last day of the week.

    And An academic calendar begins on Monday. You have academia on your side! 🙂

    You have creative licence to do whatever you wish with your own calendar. I’ll,e the photo you chose for your cover. All the very best.

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