Love the dang horse

Music on Mondays (8/12/19)—Love the dang horse!

Music has been a significant part of my life throughout my life.

I started piano lessons at the age of two under the tutelage of my mother who played piano and organ.

At the age of six, I started violin lessons.

At the age of ten, I started voice lessons.

For 25 years I have been married to a pianist who has bachelor and master degrees in piano performance, accompanies voice and instrument students in private practice, has served as accompanist at San Diego State University, and has been in a chamber music trio for the last decade.

In my retirement years, I listen to music for 10-18 hours a day. For the past several years, I have been creating a “Desert Island” flash drive just in case I’m ever lost lost on a desert island—think Gilligan’s Island, or even Lost In Space. Currently there are 1,053 songs on my Desert Island list, but I haven’t added any songs since May 2017 when I added Dig Down by Muse.

I guess I should modify my previous statement: “I haven’t added any songs since May 2017….” until yesterday when I added Love the Dang Horse by Band Argument. “Slides” below is their 2-song release from a couple of days ago. Love the Dang Horse is track 2. Hopscotch is not bad, either, so give both of them a listen. Hopefully, Band Argument will get credit (and royalty money!) by me embedding their music here using their embedding code.

Slides by Band Argument

Band Argument is a local San Diego group.

Sil Damone – Bass / Vox
Jake Kelsoe – MIDI / Guitar
Alex Simonian – MIDI / Guitar
Jordan Krimston – Drums / Samples

I think they were founded in late 2018. I met their drummer, Jordan Krimston, through Julian Rey Saenz, a former employee of mine in 2014 whom many readers might remember. I might also note here that Jordan is an awesome guitarist and quite a good vocalist, too. A multi-talented musician. Look out, Paul McCartney!

Jordan and Julian graduated high school together in June 2016. Julian went off to college while Jordan eschewed college to follow his music passion. I understand both going off to college and following a music passion, so I support them both. Secretly, though, and with 20/20 hindsight, I wish I could have/would have followed my music passion. Anyways….

In reading reviews of this song and Band Argument, I discovered a music genre called math rock. According to the Wikipedia entry,

math rock is a style of indie rock that emerged in the late 1980s in the United States…. Math rock is characterized by complex, atypical rhythmic structures (including irregular stopping and starting), counterpoint, odd time signatures, angular melodies, and extended, often dissonant, chords.

My only complaint about everything I have heard in the math rock genre is that it is difficult to understand the words, ergo making it difficult for a singer like me to sing along. I would love it if the mixer would put just a little more ooomph into the vocalist. They have published the lyrics, so here they are:

good morning how’s mother? do we still know each other?
the paper tears and they post a notice telling you I see clearly
sinking down through the bedding
a new world under my room
a new world inside my womb

this ink, it flurries. wash the milkshake off
friendly and free strawberries at the scene
hey boyo! operator press the green
I can’t see why you can’t read me thorough and quick
questing to be fuck naturally and sing
123 pickin out ticks suture me to that there cliff

we sink, in flurry
hope she can wake to rise in time for the dew
hey honey! operator tie my shoe
I can’t see why you can’t read me thorough and quick
questing to be fuck naturally and sing

suture me too I’ll say add some salt oh no

I’m thinking that the definition in Wikipedia of math rock needs to be updated, perhaps something like “Vocals are difficult to understand and make no sense.”

Apparently there is a large math rock culture here in San Diego. I’m rooting for Band Argument to rise to the top.


Love the dang horse


11 thoughts on “Music on Mondays (8/12/19)—Love the dang horse!

  1. acflory

    When you first mentioned ‘desert island’ I had no idea what you meant! Then I read further and started thinking about music I’d want to take to a desert island. I gave up after a few minutes because I realised I’d never be able to remember all the songs I’ve loved over the years. This is a dangerous meme you’ve started! lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      I listen to my music collection in chronological order, so it’s not hard for me to see what’s in my list and what’s not. If I come across a song that causes me to start tapping my leg, playing air guitar, singing along, it’s probably going to be in my Desert Island collection. I’ve been through my collection several times since I started my Desert Island list, so I don’t add too much to it anymore.


      1. acflory

        I listen to mostly orchestral music these days so when I hear a song from the past – like Baker Street – I’m suddenly reminded of how good those old songs were. One day I really will start compiling my own desert island collection. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

          And when you have it done, we can get lost on a desert island together!

          Having grown up playing the piano and violin, and singing, I have a lot of classical on my desert island list. Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, Nutcracker, and Swan Lake, and Ravel’s Bolero top my classical list.


          1. acflory

            Oh my….you are my kindred spirit! I LOVE all of those. Oddly, I grew up learning piano and voice. Dad played the violin and I was /not/ going to do what he did so much better. Yes, a tiny bit competitive.
            Re that desert island, I absolutely insist on bringing a full suite of herbs, plus onions, garlic and just a tiny bit of chilli. Woman cannot live on music alone!

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

              I have been in just about every profession except that I was never a licensed electrician. I know electricity well enough to pass any state exam, but my dad, granddad, and three uncles were licensed electricians in Texas. I WAS NOT going to follow in their footsteps!

              Liked by 1 person


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