Zoey the Cool Cat's remains

Zoey the Cool Cat has come home

Zoey the Cool Cat came home at 12:16 p.m. on July 1, 2019.

Zoey the Cool Cat's remains

I don’t know what all is in it because it’s so beautiful that I haven’t opened it. There’s an envelope on top from the Pet Emergency & Specialty Center, probably some sort of sympathy note.

Originally I was planning on creating a memorial in my reading garden because I wasn’t expecting something this beautiful. I’m going to leave this inside and create a different type of memorial in my reading garden. Jim and I haven’t decided yet when, or even if, we will open it.

Rest in peace, little girl, and thank you for twelve years of your love and antics. You’ll always be with us.

17 thoughts on “Zoey the Cool Cat has come home

  1. misifusa

    So sorry for your loss Russell. I loved seeing the photos of Zoey – we will all miss her. Big hugs…I understand. We had our kitty for 17 years when she passed. It’s never easy and they do remain with us in our hearts.

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  2. appletonavenue

    I feel for you guys. I have a collection of beautiful boxes that sit on our hearth. Our first two dogs came back to us in a basic can and we later transferred their contents into suitable containers. Inside the can was a plastic bag full of ashes. Just as one would expect. Unless you want to sprinkle a part of her in your garden, there is no need to open the box.

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  3. SueW

    My husban’d ashes came home in something similar. we all wrote a little note and placed them in the box with the ashes. The ashes casket eventually went to the village cemetary and he was buried there. You could easily do the same, however, I immediately regreted not scattering his ashes.
    My last little cat lived to be 21 and I too took a final photo of her, she is buried here on the farm alongside umpteen other pets.
    I was pleased to see that your new family member is settling in with you both.

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