Double R Creations—The Spiral Aloe

Double R Creations

I grew one of these in Houston & College Station from 1977 to 1993.

Aloe polyphylla - Spiral Aloe

It is awesome, especially when it matures, which is when it will look like this:

Aloe polyphylla - Spiral Aloe

Those are Aloe polyphylla, the Spiral Aloe. They seem to be hard to find in the age of the Internet but one now has joined my collection.

People say I won’t be able to grow it out here in the East San Diego County boondocks because it gets too hot and dry. I don’t think it gets any hotter and drier than Houston or College Station, but I guess we’ll find out.

As an aside, my birth mother also told me when I was 10, and she was giving me up for adoption to my wise old grandmother, that I would never amount to a thing…………..

I'm Zoey the Cool Cat, and I approve this post

12 thoughts on “Double R Creations—The Spiral Aloe

  1. ivor20

    I don’t think I’ve every seen a Spiral Aloe before, thanks for the share . I haven’t been much of a blogger lately, i suffered a stroke after a long illness, I’ve been so tired, i’m gradually on the way back…….. Thank you for liking my poems.

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  2. europasicewolf

    Well…with all due respect to your birth mother, she was wrong! Just saying🙂
    Your spiral aloe is beautiful! Who would think it would mature into such a wonderful design! I love it😀 I’ve been watching a plant of my own maturing over the last few months. Figured it would die pretty quickly under my care, as usual but it’s flourishing! It’s a simple greenery type plant but they never survived before and its a real joy to see it transforming from a little non-descript thing into a beautiful healthy plant! 😎🌱

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