Halls of History—Blaming Walmart & Amazon

Halls of History

When I was a juvenile delinquent living in Brigham City, Utah, I think I did everything except rape and murder. My most prolific delinquency task was theft. I was pretty good at it, even for a child whose age still was in the single digits.

I had gotten involved in stamp collecting (philately) when I joined the Boy Scouts. Sadly, every Boy Scout den I joined closed just weeks after my joining. Hmmmm. Maybe they knew something. Anyway, my interest in stamp collecting took me to the attic of our house, where the Boy Scouts manual said old letters and envelopes with stamps could be found. Sure enough. Unfortunately, though, I found a ton of letters addressed to me from my grandmother in Texas. All unopened, but all saved. The stamps intrigued me.

I took all the letters and hid them, taking them with me to Texas when my grandmother adopted me in 1965. I showed them to grandma, at which point she understood why she had never heard from me after mom had taken us there. Four years in Utah. As a juvenile delinquent.

When President Carter signed the extension of the Freedom of Information Act, I went to Brigham City, Utah, to get my juvenile delinquent records. I got them. I was amazed at the things I did as a child.

One of the things that WAS NOT on the 39-page list documenting my delinquency was my theft of a Harris Liberty Stamp Album from the Ben Franklin Five & Dime store.

Harris Liberty stamp album

I had taken the album with me to Texas, and had it until April 1993 when I left it in College Station as I abandoned the State looking for a new life. In 1978, though, while in Brigham City, Utah, I stopped at the Ben Franklin store, which was just a block from the Courthouse, asked for the manager, explained what I had done 15 years ago, and gave him $20 for the $4.95 album. Interest….

He was surprised, to say the least. When I was in Brigham City on July 25, 2018, I stopped by the Ben Franklin store. Sadly, it was there no more. It its place was a vacant storefront, Union Block Marketplace.

Brigham City, Utah

I was a little sad, wanting to blame Walmart and Amazon….

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4 thoughts on “Halls of History—Blaming Walmart & Amazon

  1. philipfontana

    Russel Ray, What a fascinating & frank story of your “checkered past.” Most of your old audience of website followers, including me, I would think are surprised at what you share about yourself. Yet, as I think about you, the little that I know, such a remarkable person of many talents & interests, I should not be surprised that you would have such an interesting backstory to your life. May you be in good health & enjoy the holiday season & cheer in 2019! I just did a post about “Books!” –Only 6 posts a year. When I do so, I visit someone’;s website I have not seen in quite a while. Our old 1885 Dutch Colonial finally went on the market just after Labor Day, Plenty of views on Zillow (put in 203 Main Road, Montville, NJ 07045) & buyers coming through to see it, but no offers yet. We left the old wiring as it is, after you advised us about it! We will give the buyer a “give back/credit” should they want to upgrade. Phil

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    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      The time before Christmas can be hit or miss for selling real estate. Hits happen when people like me do their end-of-year account early and realize that they need more tax deductions. Unfortunately, Twitler’s 2017 tax scam took away mortgage tax deductions over a certain amount. That mostly hurts people in state with high real estate prices, like New Jersey, New York, West Coast, etc.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. philipfontana

        Russel Ray, Hit or miss is right for the holidays & real estate! So far we had three buyers come through last weekend! We pray none this weekend as we get ready for the family & Christmas dinner, etc. I never thought of end year house shoppers for tax purposes. I guess Trump ended or curtailed that! Nice to hear from you! Thanks! Enjoy the holidays! Phil



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