2019 calendars by Russel Ray Creations

I live in my own little world

Many decades ago I had a word processing/publishing company dedicated to faculty, staff, and students at Texas A&M University. One of the things that I created for them were calendars, but they were different. They kept Saturday & Sunday together, so instead of a Sunday through Saturday calendar, they were Monday through Sunday. That was important because of all the weekend activities occurring on a college campus. I mean, it’s called the weekend, so why split it up?

In my retirement years, filled with sheer boredom, I’m back to making Monday through Sunday calendars. My first is titled Cacti & Succulents; it is an 11″x17″ wall calendar.

2019 Cacti & Succulent calendar

It is not proofed yet because I just finished it, so if you find an error, I would appreciate you letting me know. You just might get a free calendar out of it!

I’m going to make these calendars available at a reasonable price, certainly no more expensive than the most expensive calendar I have found so far, which is $21.95. I also am going to give away some free but that will have to wait for another post while I determine how much it will cost to print these things.

I have other calendars in the work, too: Zoey the Cool Cat, flowers, birds, animals, trains, San Diego…. I’m also thinking about a calendar just for YOU using 14 pictures that YOU provide. Stay tuned.

I'm Zoey the Cool Cat, and I approve this post

5 thoughts on “2019 calendars by Russel Ray Creations

      1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

        I had a black & white copy printed yesterday for proofing and found quite a few errors. I corrected those and then had a color copy printed. Found more errors. I’m hoping to print the final color copy today, proof it one last time, and then make some calendars.



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