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When I was but a youth of 12 or 13, my wise old grandmother, having adopted me when I was 10½, told me about stereotypes. One thing she said stuck with me: “Stereotypes come from somewhere.” In the ensuing fifty years, I believe she was right. Stereotypes are not 100% true, but I think they do fit a supermajority of their target population.

I mention stereotypes because I do fit very strongly as a stereotype of one specific population: the gay shopper. Yes, I love to shop, and since my husband and I are almost to 25 years together, the last 10 being legally married, I’m a gay shopper.

My favorite shopping is at swap meets, garage sales, and street faires. I don’t go to garage sales anymore because I feel guilty if I leave without buying anything. If swap meets had better parking accommodations, I would attend the two biggest ones here in San Diego County every week, without fail. So I’m relegate to mall shopping and street faires.

One of my favorite street faires is the Carlsbad Village Faire, which actually is two street faires, one in May and one in November. The November 2018 Faire occurred on Sunday, November 4. It’s an extraordinarily popular event with over 900 vendors selling anything and everything. The City closes about 16 square blocks of downtown, allowing walkers to shop without fear of being run over. Even Amtrak, which usually cruises through downtown at 70 mph, slows to about 20 mph on Faire Day. It’s a shopper’s delight.

Since I live 40 miles from Carlsbad, and knowing that parking is at a premium on Faire days, I left home at 5:30 a.m. and found a very good parking spot just a block south of the Faire. Although the Faire doesn’t officially open until 8:00 a.m., one can walk around earlier, watch people set up, check out what’s where, and make a list of vendors one wishes to visit once 8:00 a.m. arrives.

I started walking around at 7:30 and had made it through both sides of four blocks when a vendor with cute little cactus and succulent knickknacks caught my attention, especially these two:

Woogie's Place

Woogie's Place

I wanted to buy both of them but did not. They were within my budget but I could not picture a place for them at home since my home, both inside and outside, is full of growing plants.

The name of the vendor is Woogie’s Place, and they had a huge selection of cute little items, each one screaming at me to take it home.

Three succulents from Woogie's Place

Woogie's Place at the November 2018 Carlsbad Village Faire

Woogie's Place at the November 2018 Carlsbad Village Faire

Woogie's Place at the November 2018 Carlsbad Village Faire

Woogie's Place at the November 2018 Carlsbad Village Faire

I did buy a cute collection of three smaller ones:

Three succulents from Woogie's Place

I visualized them on the platform under my monster television, and, indeed, that is where they sit.

(Mama mia! Looks like I need to clean the TV screen!) Gretchen and Rhonda were the kindest, sweetest two women who helped me by not only selling me my items BEFORE the official opening of the Faire, but they held them for me so I could continue walking around and shopping without carrying things that could break.

Gretchen (left) and Rhonda
Gretchen and Rhonda of Woogie's Place at the November 2018 Carlsbad Village Faire

Woogie’s Place is online at etsy. Check ’em out!

I'm Zoey the Cool Cat, and I approve this post

3 thoughts on “Out & About — Carlsbad Village Faire & Woogie’s Place

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      Not at all. In fact, I always have combined my love of fauna and flora with my love of photography. People rarely get into my pictures. I went out today to a plant nursery 52 miles away just to take macro pictures. Came home with 267 macro pictures, and a couple of plants, too, of course……..lol

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