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I’m pretty sure that I was eating pizza at the age of one day. Gerber’s had to have a pizza flavor baby food mush when I was young.

My favorite is barbecued chicken pizza, a culinary delight that I discovered in 1989 when Café Eccell opened in Bryan, Texas. I lived and worked just a mile away so I visited often.

Café Eccell always had been #1 on my list of top pizza restaurants, until yesterday, when I discovered NAPIZZA.

NAPIZZA in UTC, La Jolla, California

NAPIZZA a new restaurant in San Diego’s largest mall, UTC, currently adding over 90 stores and doubling its size by adding a second story.

I love barbecue chicken pizza, so that’s what I had. Sadly, I ate all of my pizza at the restaurant without taking a picture. Fortunately, I brought a slice home with me:

BBQ pizza from NAPIZZA at UTC in La Jolla, California

They call their pizza “Roman style,” and apparently it is made in advance and 80% cooked.

NAPIZZA in UTC, La Jolla, California

When you order a slice, they finish cooking it. So it’s fast and fresh at the same time. What an interesting concept.

As you can see in the picture, they don’t skimp on the toppings. What really pushed their pizza up into my #1 spot was the crust. I’m not a fan of greasy pizzas or soggy crusts. I do like flavorful crusts. The crust on my slice was, perhaps, not as flavorful as some other pizzas I have had (the names of which I won’t state here since I have been boycotting them for eight years and don’t want to give them any free advertising or Google SEO), but the crust was to die for because of its crispy flakiness. My wise old grandmother would have wanted such a crust on her wonderful pies.

I also enjoyed sitting in the restaurant and reading their two huge murals about what they do, how they do it, and why they do it.

NAPIZZA in UTC, La Jolla, California

NAPIZZA in UTC, La Jolla, California

The prices were extraordinarily reasonable, too, especially considering that this was UTC in La Jolla, a place not known for having reasonable prices for anyone but the extraordinarily wealthy.

NAPIZZA in UTC, La Jolla, California

They also have locations in Little Italy (a closer location to me), 4S Commons in 4S Ranch, and Encinitas. I rarely get to 4S Ranch, but I definitely shall be visiting the Little Italy and Encinitas locations, as well as going back to the UTC location.

Try them, and tell them you heard about them from your favorite blogger. I am your favorite blogger, yes?

I'm Zoey the Cool Cat, and I approve this post

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