Old Barstow train station

Re-purposing historic buildings: Barstow, California

Halls of History

I have been a history buff since the Cub Scouts introduced me to philately, which they called “stamp collecting.” That was in 1963. I used to research the subjects of postage stamps, finding them quite interesting.

I always like it when cities save their historic buildings, even if it means re-purposing them, which it often does.

The original train station in Barstow CA has been re-purposed into the bus station with a few billion stores and restaurants being located in historic rail cars that also have been saved and re-purposed.

The rail cars in the second picture are painted a specific color, including that unique golden arch, which should tell you that they are being used as McDonald’s seating areas; the order/pick up area is at the left, just out of the picture. Pretty cool.

Old Barstow train station

Old Barstow train station

Old Barstow train station

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9 thoughts on “Re-purposing historic buildings: Barstow, California

  1. europasicewolf

    That’s a very novel move! I’ve been having a great time touring disused underground railway stations in London. They haven’t been re purposed as such though one is sometimes used for filming such as James Bond movies! It’s awesome wandering through platforms and tunnels unused for 20-50+ years…walking with ghosts sometimes in the footsteps of the last travellers to use them before they were closed for good! Few of us have ever seen them so feeling privileged…and broke!! It’s not a cheap past time! But love it😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      I like walking around stations currently in use. O.M.G. I would die if I had the opportunity to walk around stations and tunnels that have been unused for 50 years. Perhaps you could adopt me, yes? I come with a dowery.


      1. europasicewolf

        Lol🤣Of course I will adopt you! I have another one planned when I can raise the funds so you can come with me -they’re amazing! You step into another world most people will never know is there-I can’t quite explain the buzz those places give! If I could just get my blogging act together I have loads of photos to add to blogs but I am such a hopeless case on that subject at the moment! Can’t wait to go back to these hidden places!😊

        Liked by 1 person


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