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Last September when I went to Julian for its famous Apple Days Festival, I discovered The Warm Hearth and The Birdwatcher. I also discovered Quilts & More but they were closed.

Jim and I were looking for a nice water fountain for the exterior of our new home, and I found two at The Warm Hearth. Jim and I went back to Julian a few weeks later to choose one, hoping, of course, they they still had both of them. We came home with a new water fountain.

Purple quilt at Quilts & More in Julian, CaliforniaWhile we were there, we went by Quilts & More, hoping that they would be open. They were. They had beautiful quilts but none in a queen size. There was a purple one hanging on the wall, but it was king size.

Jim asked if she made custom quilts. Yes, yes she does. Jim ordered one. That was October 7, 2017.

We picked it up yesterday.

Here it is, looking extraordinarily beautiful on our queen bed, and adding a splash (splash?!) of color to all the earth tones we have in our house, courtesy of someone who has a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management from Texas A&M University; not naming names here:

Purple quilt from Quilts & More in Julian, California

Purple quilt from Quilts & More in Julian, California

Did you see the photobomb in the lower right corner of the second picture? Yep. That’s the little queen walking around and checking out the new quilt.

Purple quilt from Quilts & More in Julian, California

I'm Zoey the Cool Cat, and I approve this post

18 thoughts on “Out & About—Our new quilt

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      My wise old grandmother was a quilter. Sadly, she died in 2003, and all the quilts I have that she made are in a somewhat deteriorated condition, especially with Zoey the Cool Cat having her way with them. Thus, this is the first quilt I have ever bought, at $700. Now I have an even greater appreciation of what my wise old grandmother did.

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