Picture of the Moment—I’m imagining….

Picture of the Moment

I was hiking out in the woods in the boondocks recently when I came upon this:

The sign above the door says, “The Imagination Book Club.”

This was out in the woods in the boondocks. I’m not sure how many people actually make it out there, but apparently some do. Curtains on the windows, blinds on the door window, and even that table lamp just inside the door.

I never found a way to get over to it from where I was. This is a great example of where you can go—so to speak—if you have a 600mm lens on your camera!

I'm Zoey the Cool Cat, and I approve this post

17 thoughts on “Picture of the Moment—I’m imagining….

  1. Rowena

    Wow. I wish I had a little house like that in my garden with a wilderness growing all around it. I actually had a little house in our garden at home as my study when I was living at home and for a few years, I moved out there. It was nestled among azalias and the garden really came to life in Spring. I got a few artist friends of mine to draw of the walls but it got out of hand and got graffitied and my Dad freaked out and I had to paint over the lot. Unfortunately, teens always seem to take things too far and don’t know when to stop. Took quite a lot of paint to cover up the permanent marker.
    Have you seen Dead Poet’s Society? This sort of place reminds me of that.
    Best wishes,

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