Out & About—Santa Cruz, California (part 1)

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Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit Santa Cruz, California. My specific goal was to get a good picture of a Banana Slug. Sadly, winter is not Banana Slug season. Thus, I had to be content to visiting the University of California at Santa Cruz Arboretum, the campus, the Santa Cruz Boardwalk & beach, the Santa Cruz Wharf, and the very active sea lion colony at the Wharf. Although I had been to Santa Cruz twice previously, this was the first visit where I had as much time to do as much as I wanted to do. So I did everything, and experiencing everything has made Santa Cruz my new BFF #1 city.

The Wharf, at 2,475 feet long, is the longest pier on the West Coast. It’s the only pier I have been on that has public vehicle access. All the other piers requires the public to walk while providing vehicle access to emergency and service vehicles only. I walked all the way to the end and took eight pictures of the beach and Boardwalk. Stitched together in Photoshop, they created a beautiful panorama:

Santa Cruz Boardwalk and beach

Following is a teaser picture of the Santa Cruz Wharf, which, at 2,475 feet in length, is the longest pier on the West Coast. I’ll have much more about the Wharf in future blogs, including a couple of great videos of the very active sea lion colony.

Santa Cruz Wharf

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13 thoughts on “Out & About—Santa Cruz, California (part 1)

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      Huge slugs. About the size of bananas, and looking like bananas, too. The first time I saw one I just thought it was a banana, but then I kept coming across way too many bananas and noticed that one was, uh, moving.
      Banana Slug Facts

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      1. Al

        Wow. Unless it was a banana that had been left for so long it was moving on its own lol.

        They do sound weird though. Sounds like they are about the size of African snails.

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