Picture of the Moment—Thar she blooms!

Picture of the Moment

For last Friday’s Friday Flower Fiesta, I featured a new plant that now is in my garden, the Stapelia gigantea. It is called the “carrion plant” because its flowers smell like rotting flesh, which is important because this plant needs flies to pollinate it. And we all know how much flies like stuff that we humans find pretty much disgusting. Flies are the only creatures that can pollinate these flowers, notwithstanding how large the flowers are.

My plant had three huge flower buds on it when I bought it. This morning two of them decided to open up and show the world how beautiful they are, notwithstanding their smell. Of course, it was only minutes until the first fly showed up, appropriately a huge fly!

Stapelia gigantea

Stapelia gigantea

Stapelia gigantea with fly

I'm Zoey the Cool Cat, and I approve this post

16 thoughts on “Picture of the Moment—Thar she blooms!

  1. Margaret Griffin

    Hi, The carrion plant has interesting looking flowers – a real curiosity. I notice there is a fence in the background. Does this mean the plant is situated at the bottom of the garden where the odour is less noticeable?

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    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      No. I’m out in the boondocks and the fence belongs to the neighboring open space preserve. The odor isn’t really noticeable unless you stick your nose in the flower, which you want to do because beautiful flowers seem to convey beautiful scents. Not here.


  2. smilingtoad

    Always wanted to see the flowers of this fascinating and remarkable plant- gorgeous. Would be awesome to encounter in the wild, and gravely disappointing, as I usually follow the scent of carrion with wide, glazed eyes, ardently hoping to find a skull to scuttle home with me to add to my skull collection that clutters the whole house and I realize that I have lapsed into oversharing now…Fabulous post.


    smiling toad

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