Music on Mondays (9/11/17)—Digital editing allows us to delete album songs

The Music Chronicles of Russel Ray

It takes me about five months listening to music for ten hours a day to make a complete pass through my non-classical music collection. On this last pass, though, I have been taking advantage of the fact that I can edit my digital music and delete music that just doesn’t get me movin’. Here are a couple of “songs” that I deleted:

“Interlude: The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles” by Jethro Tull
from “A Passion Play,” 1973

“Star Star” originally titled “Starfucker” by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
from “Album,” 1983
The cassette had “Starfucker” as a hidden bonus track while the
song did not appear on the vinyl album. I’m not a big fan of vulgarity
in music, and I never liked this song.
Written by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards and showing up on
“Goats Head Soup” by The Rolling Stones.
I knew there was a reason why I don’t have “Goats Head Soup”
in my collection. I have not listened to the Stones’ original version.

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