My 62nd Fourth of July….

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The move is going well, but that means my time at WordPress and visiting blogging buddies is suffering.

Have no fear, though, because once the move is over, I will be able to do more.


This is my 62nd Fourth of July, although I do not remember the first ten. Of the past 52, this is the first one of which I am not real proud of being from the United States. President Twitler is destroying the United States from within, and most people, and most countries, realize it. So for this Fourth of July, I’ll just say “Happy Holiday” and leave it at that.

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15 thoughts on “My 62nd Fourth of July….

  1. The Coastal Crone

    Oh, Russell, do not let the present president steal your celebration of July 4th as he too will pass. Celebrate for all the good things you have done and is good about this nation. We are fairly down-sized in Portland but would love to be able to find a place with no yard. We know we cannot afford California. Be glad you got out of Texas!

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    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      I have owned over twenty places in several states in my life. Not a single one had a yard. I think it had something to do with me mowing my wise old grandmother’s yard twice a week for seven years. Jim and I are upsizing this time. We downsized a little too much 2½ years ago.

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    2. Guestspeaker

      Problem with this president several Americans have chosen is that he is of the same sort as Erdogan and Putin as well as a wolf in sheepskin who is such a populist the majority of Americans do not seem to dee the danger lurking on their States which by overprotection they will bring disaster to it and to themselves.


  2. E A M Harris

    Weird though your present president is, I have faith that the US and its people are stronger than one man, even if he is at the top – for now. I’m sure your country will bounce back once he’s gone.

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