SNIPPETS—Friendliest little pirate



Happy World Girafffe Day!

Happy World Giraffe Day!


Someone’s upset that Dean Spanos took his big boy toy San Diego Chargers and skedaddled to Los Angeles.

Fuck you, Spanos!


Let’s all be stars!

Be a star!


Here’s the boat I didn’t buy this past weekend at the San Diego International Boat Show. The only reason I passed on it was because it came with a helicopter and I just couldn’t see myself flying around in a helicopter.

Atessa IV yacht


You know you’re in love with your dog when you teach it how to dig in the sand at the beach. I like that the dog is paying attention.

Teaching your dog how to dig in the sand


My wise old grandmother (MWOG) used to adopt one-eyed cats and dogs, and three-legged cats and dogs from the wild and give them a forever home. I had never seen a pirate or a tripod in the wild since 1973 during my final 5 months living with MWOG, until a few days ago when I went to feed our feral cat colony at the San Diego Jetty. The friendliest little pirate came to eat and let me pet it.

Pirate cat at the San Diego jetty

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