Fine fine fine super computer makes picture editing fun again

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I have a few billion pictures that are uncatalogued, mainly because I never had a good computer that made it fun to catalog them. That is not the case anymore. My fine fine fine new super computer, running Windows 10 Pro, makes it fun. Adobe’s products seem to be able to take advantage of Windows 10 Pro, too, not to mention all the cool stuff (like 32 GB of RAM) that is in my fine fine fine new super computer, so Bridge, Camera Raw, and Photoshop just zoom along like there’s no tomorrow.

I’m currently cataloging pictures of Imperial Beach which I took from 2010 to 2015. Following are a few for your viewing pleasure. The panoramas were created from multiple pictures stitched together using Photoshop’s Photomerge function.

An ocean bird paying homage to the Great Ocean where it gets its food:

Bird praying to the ocean

The Tijuana River is said to be one of the most polluted rivers in the world. Although it has several tributaries that originate in the United States, the main part of the river runs through Mexico for over a hundred miles before meandering into the United States for its final five miles. Mexico has few regulations regarding pollution relative to the United States, so it picks up a lot of really yukky stuff in Tijuana (pop. 1.6 million) and carries it into the United States, leaving the U.S. to do all it can to clean the water before it reaches the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to President Twitler’s destruction of the EPA, soon we will match Mexico in out disdain for clean rivers. Following is the Tijuana River where it meets the Pacific Ocean near Imperial Beach, looking rather beautiful on October 3, 2012. Click on the pictures for larger versions in separate windows or tabs.

Tijuana River near its mouth with the Pacific Ocean

Tijuana River meeting the Pacific Ocean

If you love wildlife, especially ocean and beach birds, the mouth of the Tijuana River is a great place to watch them.

Birds at the mouth of the Tijuana River

Imperial Beach, just south of the Tijuana River, is the most southwesterly city in the lower 48 states. It has one of the cleanest and widest beaches and one of the best piers, and it’s not a tourist trap like many of San Diego County’s beaches.

Imperial Beach's clean, wide beach and the Imperial Beach pier

A bird’s eye view of Imperial Beach surfers from the pier; the San Diego skyline barely visible at upper left is 10 miles in the distance:

Bird's eye view of Imperial Beach surfers and Imperial Beach

Another another shout out to Joey Thaidigsman, a sophomore computer science major at the University of California at Berkeley, who built my fine fine fine super computer, named THE BEAST.

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