Picture of the Moment—The Susan Schwartzwald Affair, 1984

Picture of the Moment

Many decades ago I bought a brick. Not just any brick, though. The durn thing cost me $1,000. It was to support the construction of the new center for the Former Students Association at Texas A&M University.

So whenever I see named bricks, I tend to spend some time reading the names. Quite often the names will have an explanatory note below them. With my $1,000 brick, it had my class year below my name. Class year is a vital statistic at Texas A&M University. Many explanatory notes often say something like, “In Memory of.”

In the picture below you can see two bricks,

one in loving memory of John Mason, who died at the age of 45,

and one for Susan Schartzwald, who apparently had an affair in 1984.

Susan Schwartzwald Affair 1984

I guess.

I thought Schwartzwald might be sufficiently unique that a Google search would uncover something. Nope.

Then I thought maybe “Affair” was a movie that came out in 1984 and Susan Schwartzwald was in it. Nope.

Perhaps a big but local political or teacher/student scandal? Not that I could find.

Maybe the person with whom Susan had the affair wanted to memorialize it for all time? Maybe Susan wanted to memorialize her affair and this spot is where she met her paramour?

I’m at a loss here. Leave a comment if you think of something.

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

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10 thoughts on “Picture of the Moment—The Susan Schwartzwald Affair, 1984

  1. Anny

    Now that’s a mystery. I saw a mystery recently while riding the Jeep on my sister’s farm property. Two tombstones together, out in the middle of nowhere. The couple were about the same age, born very early 1900’s. He lived to be 86 and she 92. But not the same last name. Is that why they were isolated? Or was she a forward thinking turn-of-the-century lady who kept her name? Mystery…

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  2. TamrahJo

    I got 100+ plus bricks in a pile, salvaged from Pioneer chimney that finally lost stability over the years of mortar degradation – I’m happy to paint whatever message you wish to leave, display it in my garden, for all of posterity – just send $1,000 to BR-549, in care of Del Rio Texas – – LOL I won’t get the $, but still had to have fun with your observation and join in the fun – – 🙂 Cuz seriously, MY bricks are much more hardy and heavy than anything I’ve seen produced, currently – – LOL

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  3. TamrahJo

    Seriously? No $1000 check on the way? Sigh, back to ye olde drawing board…really? Ya dont yearn to own an old brick? ( lol, yes, i am entettaining meself while connecting in your comments field instead of writing for mass consumption.. forgive me my sins….. )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      You certainly read a lot into my “Too funny” comment. I never said a $1,000 check wasn’t on the way. I never said I didn’t yearn to own an old brick. But I have to run all expenses over $250 by my husband, and you probably know how husbands are………………LOL

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